VESC (Very Official)™ - Missing Options

Am I just missing the option for Max Direction ERPM switch in the VESC ™ Tool? Its in the Ackimaniac firmware.


I can feel all your pain and suffering in this title Mike :joy:


Not really, just can’t figure out why it wouldn’t exist in the stock VESC firmware. I’m hoping there another method. Any ideas?

Does none really know of a way to control the max EEPM before the switch into reverse? There’s a ton of VESC ™ users it there right? Someone must have to into this before.

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I am not familiar with that setting. Why would it be necessary? I would assume that whatever speed it’s going at, I should be able to command whatever speed and the ESC takes care of changing my speed nicely without hitting the current and temp limits. Am I missing something?

It allows you to hold down the brakes without the motor spinning in reverse when you come to 0km/h. Upon releasing the throttle and re engaging reverse on your throttle you gain the ability to reverse.

So basically it won’t give you reverse unless the motor is spinning under 4000 Erpm (1-2 km) and you move the throttle from neutral to reverse.

Best thing about this firmware Imo. Shame it’s outdated even more of a shame is the current VESC tool doesn’t support this feature. Having reverse has saved my board many times.


The implementation already exists. It’s a matter of getting it merged to the official VESC Tool and VESC FW repositories.

This would be a useful feature to have. We just need to find someone to do it. If there’s enough interest in it, maybe there’s a way to make it happen.

Here’s an idea on what we could do not just in this case but whenever we need someone to do something for the community. We would raise money for a bounty. Whoever gets the job done they get the bounty. It would require a transparent account and someone trustworthy (I nominate @mmaner :slight_smile:) to manage the account and decide whether the job has been properly done and the bounty can be released.


This is an @Ackmaniac feature. As far as I know, Nico never submitted a pull request to Vedder’s repository.


VESC-Tool doesn’t have reverse via PPM double brake tab. Could be implemented tough…
We do reverse via UART bridged NRF dongles and use NRF based remotes like the VESC WAND in future. They are a lot more convinient, do not need calibration, allow profiles, reverse, cruise control, RT data, can be used for multiple boards etc.

Double tab brake for reverse also comes with downsides. Sometimes you wait at a traffic light and you don’t think so much, pressing the brake twice. Light goes green, you press the trigger and find yourself reversing into something/somebodey. We prefer a button for switching into reverse.

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I like being able to calibrate my remotes so I can define the dead band and experiment. I think leaving that as a user choice would be more universally appreciated. I get RT data from a HM-10 module very reliably.

I have never had that happen or seen that happen. I think having to purposely hit reverse instead of just going into reverse if you dont let off the break in time is much more reliable and if you read this thread most people feel the same.


Obviously you have little clue about NRF based remotes.

Incorrect again. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I haven’t done my research. I think we may have discovered your issue, you can’t stand for someone to disagree with you.


That is actually the incorrect interpretation. Forward on the throttle will always be forward. Your brakes turn into reverse under the stated erpm and only from neutral position. It really is the best of both worlds.

Proper brakes always, without fear of the board reversing, yet always having reverse without having to press a button or do something weird to put the board into a reverse mode.

Basically your example is impossible.

I can attach a video so you can better understand if needed.


That’s exactly how I have imagined this would work. It’s like in many video games. When you keep holding brakes eventually you start reversing. Adding throttle than acts as a brake for reversing and will eventually get you moving forward. Seems like the most intuitive and safest way of implementing it. @Trampa, if you ever implement the feature could you please do it that way. :pleading_face:


It’s not quite that either lol if you keep holding the brakes down nothing happen’s. You need to let go of them after coming to a “stop” (under x erpm) and re-engage before having reverse.

But it’s the only reason im still running ack firmware honestly lol


I see. Makes sense. That’s even better.

I see.

I am using current mode and it’s pretty easy to come to stop purely on current control. Once it’s stopped and when you want to go in either direction, you press the throttle this way or that way.

I started doing this because direct drives have poor low speed braking in current-control-no-reverse mode and started to love the flexibility of going back or holding yourself still on either an incline or decline.

If you do a jump, brake while in the air, wheels go to full stop. VESC thinks you stopped while you are actualy moving forward. You let go brake and re-engage, wheels spin backwards.
Not ideal!

Also think of blocking wheels on dirt, which we do quite a lot to come to a full stop.

RPM of wheels is not always in line with speed.
I can go 20km/h with zero RPM.

That feature needs hard-core testing.

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That IS ideal. Maybe not for jumps on an eMTB but for the other 90% of us it is absolutely ideal. Why not just make it an option?


Maybe, but it needs testing under all conditions. I wouldn’t want someone to run into unexpected braking behavior.