VESC-powered minibikes


Regular members will probably already have seen my minibikes in the picture thread before. But here is a bit more info

I basically found these very cheap throttle based e-bikes with shot batteries. Bought them, replaced the esc with Vescs and made it possible to strap a emtb battery to it, giving it an insane amount of range.

They have cruise control buttons, and regen braking enabled using the brake sensors.

I have a Windgoo bike and an inmotion P1f.
Both can reach around 35-40km/h on 12S
Mostly posting this here because these types of bike can be very easily modded to use a Vesc and an external battery + they are pretty cheap! I payed not more than 200 euro per bike. (Good for going on a ride with the gf or when going on a drunk mission and a board is too dangerous)


Hey, cool bike!
How much current do you pull and is your motor sensored?
I`m currently in the test phase of my “mini bike”, and want to see if I can maybe push it a bit further and what others are using.

Thats my “mini bike”:


Wow! How big are the wheels ? And vesc powered ?

The wheels are 10", and I’m running a vesc 4.12 on 10s atm, but I’ve also got some 6s batteries I’ll use in the series soon.
Do you know how many motor poles your motor has, and what motor type did you choose on setup?
It would be nice to know what kind of settings you have and how your bikes drive.


It might have been something like 32 poles, dont remember correctly. Best is to just set the wheel diameter right and then go riding with some gps to adjust your poles. ( This might be a dumb way to find the correct amount of pole pairs. Maybe @b264 can give us a hint there)

I choose the biggest size outrunner in vesc setup. One of my bikes kept having problems from standstill and only worked reliably in BLDC mode.
I don’t use sensors.

Wiring the brake button and cruise control button is always a nice upgrade as well, don’t know if you have those

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Sometimes you can inspect the brake dust stuck to a used motor to count the poles. Sometimes you can roll a ball bearing or washer on the outside and count how many poles there are. Sometimes you can find it in the motor documentation. Sometimes you can take apart the motor and count them. Sometimes you can use the GPS method :rofl:


Mini bikes!! Moving up to 26” soon. Buy my mini. Vesc 6 and 50.4v with lifepo4


Holy shit that’s a lot of exposed cells :fire::laughing:

Where are the balance wires


theyre potted @iNoLikeFlexyDecks

no balance wires and just holes but so far theyve been staying so close i dont do anything @b264


What is the potting compound you use?

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60D duro polyurethane from bjb enterprises. Soft enough for expanding cells. But unless ur trying to make something harder n structural platidip is better and u can extract the cells later easily. They arent extractable in this stuff. I’d like to try some low melt temp plastic sometime

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Here is my onewheel e-chopper


I will do a forest race today with my bikes. Will update with footage When we are drunk enough


The Inmotion bike is the winner due to clear reasons.
The foot bars from the windgoo hit my ankles pretty hard after the tube exploded.

Need a new tube. Fuck.


After saturating the core off the windgoo bike I set off to make something better

Something’s in the making…


Boys I need some advice.

This ebike has some lights. I want them to work.

Which module would you guys recommend to go from 50v to 12v? Being able to switch the output would be nice.

Thx :pray:

Also I’m running the new bike in FOC mode, which seems to give me way less torque from standstill than BLDC mode.

Any advice on settings I can tweak ? (Hall sensors are connected)

Do any vescs put out 12v on the side?

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Only 5V as far as I know. It’s a trampa vesc mkiv

Cant decent lighting be had with 5v?