Vesc not working? Please help?

So just turned on board this morning and one of the motors didn’t work

I opened he enclosure and after a bit of testing I found out that one of the vesc were not working

After a bit of testing then I found out that it is receiving power so it’s not a wiring issue

When I attached the remote receiver to it the receiver lit up

So something has gone wrong with the lights on the vesc and for some reason it no longer powers the motor

I connected it to a laptop Andy the vesc tool didn’t recognise any device as connected

What should I do??

Please help

Does your vesc boot normally?


in what way

as in what do you mean by boot

The vesc has it’s own Operation system like a pc does. So the vesc needs a few seconds to boot to operate normally. (blue blinking led) Could be broken bootloader. But I am not sure.

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how would i check that

and how could i fix that

Are the LEDs blinking of the “broken” VESC?

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the lights dont turn on or blink or anything

think you got the wrong name

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Nope. More willing people to help you.

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how could i check if the bootloader is broken is there some way of checking that through the vesc tool

Buy a meepo.


As a minimum, one vesc IS working. It’s weird, that the blue power led doesn’t light up.

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yeah just not sure if i can get the funds to replace it

hoping i can keep it working

Keep your bahookie on the ground and wait with the replace.



You don’t know what bahookie means? It’s the scottish word for arse.


i do now

and i am just asking to see if anyone knows a fix for this problem

Looks like the VESC has a problem, have you thought about asking Trampa for help?

I see you posting a lot on here about various problems and I think that you dont really have a firm grasp of what you are doing. That in itself is ok man but you really need to do a little research before reaching out with every single little problem. I think you have lost a lot of time with this build, in fact you have lost all summer and soon it’s going to be raining so much you wont be able to ride. I honestly totally agree with @Andy87, for some people DIY is not the way to go and for almost everyone is not the way to start. I think like Andy says you should consider selling what you have and buy a meepo/wowgo/backfire etc, get some experiance riding and learning how the board works and then revisit DIY.


I have got this board working a couple days ago and have been riding 10 miles or so on it

I did try at one point to sell it however as soon as I listed it everyone went and said I shouldn’t give up and I should carry on with diy

I really want this to work and I really don’t know what has happened to this which would cause a problem

Please at this point I just want this to be fixed and work

Thank you everyone for the help