Vesc monitors - where do you put your phone while riding?

im curious what solutions you came up with, to have your phone visible while riding

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i was thinking of doing this aswell, but with a regular phone and for my example xmatic monitor, the numbers are just not big enough to comfortably read the values

so far the only thing i could come up with is this:

and try to wear it on my forearm

any more elegant ideas ?


Well you have to navigate with google maps. So in the leftie


Get a Davega X :wink:

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Built a davega type thing with an arduino and cheap lcd.

Buy an OSRR.

I honestly like this idea. I’d probably wear it on my left arm on the inside near my wrist.

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In my hand I use something like this

so far the only other solution would be to convince the xmatic dev to implement a screen that sports bigger font and reduce the info to the most important values :thinking:

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Hm I have a gopro chin mount on my helmet. I’m sure it’ll be easy to rig it for a smartphone.

Do you all use your main phone for this stuff? I’m always worried about crushing it.


Reminds me of this:


Speaking of which, I was checking today if his stuff launched. :cry:

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My phone goes in my pocket, and I use Metr on my watch.


@olsyke If you really are stuck on it having to be your phone that’s mounted to the board, look at the motorcycle x-grips. It’s what I was using to hold my phone when I started to want an odometer with gps

Edit: this is the only image I could find of my old board when it had it installed

Have a davega never have a spare uart port to use it i know ot could be modified run on canbus but meh. My goto has been $5 reflashed ml10 bluetooths, just got my metr pro way more secure. Havent worked out how to use it with vesc tool, maybe in tcpip mode. I also have 2 x vx2. Toying with the idea of getting a wand. Also have a feather\esp32 nano remote with speed display, its going to be my led master controller (WIP). Al of this and almost never check any of them while riding. toying with the idea of putting a rgb matrix panel on next board embedded in resin under clear griptape. To do speed info, battery, distance, animations, practicality 10%, wank factor 90%.

Mine is at home. I like to be free from the outside world when I skate.

Uber function is a loss sometimes tho…

If you don’t want any screen on your board and something light, you need a smart watch then. So phone in bag or in pocket and main infos and warnings displayed on your watch.

But I don’t think we have any decent port yet. Me I used my Pebble for speedometer only so far, and actually you don’t have much time to divert your attention from your ride when you speed up so I’d say…

We need HUD type of screens to mount in /on our helmets or glasses!

@Dareno what if you crash and need to call for help tho. That’s risky :cold_sweat:


I have an iOS app in the works. I dont like the small fonts in xmatic + bugs when using the unity

Xmatic is very unreliable for me, but Metr works great.