Vesc monitors - where do you put your phone while riding?

Just messing. I always take my phone for that very reason.

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Because some people mentioned Metr in this thread. You can do it as @agentdev and connect your smart watch to your phone and have the data easily accessible there.

When going the way @olsyke is talking about, mounting the phone at the front of your board you can change the font size and data you actually want to be displayed individually.



i don’t look at the phone while riding. I look at the street and the shit in front of me.


Give that man a beer!

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^this. My watch is great to see how far I’ve gone… but beyond that I don’t need much beyond the wind of motors and wind in my face. :grin:

I put my phone in my pocket and then I fall over and fuck my arm, shoulder and elbow up but my hip was fiiiine.


Back pocket…like a boss


I keep mine here. And keep my phone in my pocket with Metr running.

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