VESC fw6.0 silent HFI testing + experiments

i remember trampa wouldn’t honour warranty of some of there big vescs because they were used with large pole count motors, stating they weren’t compatible
i’ve used hfi on 6 pole and 48 pole neither motor would even start rolling, just stutter screaming

@Evwan has a hobby of blowing up lil foccers on big modors.

The second one blew because of a bad motor :rofl:. Only one.


Linking @mackann sHFI test on 16s BioX esc. Phase shunts and silent HFI. Performs just like Vedders demonstration video.

Just a little click at throttle engagement, and then silent operation. So not as silent as sensors, but literally no annoying HFI whine to deal with. Pretty good option for 12s to 16s boards IMO.


Maker X d100s with 6355 maytech 170kv motors. Appears to work quite well on default settings with Coupled sHFI