VESC Cooling methods

Hey, I thought ill open up a thread for gathering info and discussing on VESC cooling.


Do you mean VESC-based ESCs?
Trampa VESC™ doesn’t overheat xD


Yes :slight_smile: the Flipshit ones especially!


Vescs with plastic covered mosfets (most 4.xx escs) are more challenging to cool than ones with direct fets (e.g Focbox)

Generally, like @mmaner has said before, active cooling generates condensation or requires liquid; so most users tend to either add thermal mass or passively cool their vescs by adding thermal mass which is partially exposed to the outside.

This thread will be of interest


Thanks, I already read through it!
I would love to watercool a VESC just for scientific purposes. Sadly I only dealt with AIO water cooling systems before…
What am I missing in my shopping cart, do the parts even fit? :

Kook I know it’s a bad idea, but please let me just have fun xD
I don’t care if it will even help cooling a lot.

buys cheap VESC-like-crap
spends 10x the cost attempting to polish the turd…

:man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4: :man_shrugging:t4:


I don’t even attempt to polish the turd…
This is going to fail before I even start trying sir.


then may I be so bold as to ask why?

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Just to experiment not to achieve better performance. For better performance I would need to desolder the MOSFETS, because their heat goes into the pcb and can’t be taken off effectively …

It’s like cooling a PC with vodka.
You don’t ask why

Yeah it’s a shitty idea to a full 100%

I might just forget about it :confused:

The biggest problem is the shitty 3/3 placement of the FETs on 4.12 VESCs and that their heat can’t be simply dissipated by adding cooling because the heat goes to GND if I understood right


Erm… go cheaper, there’s full loops on amazon already primed with liquid and come with the pump as well for under £50

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But with a cpu cooling head thing and as an AIO, right?
We need a head like this to work with:

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If i assume right that’s not the pump and you intend to use that reservoir higher up as well. That won’t really work

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Sorry, I dont get what you mean ^^
A pump is included with the reservoir

Yeah, water cooling is obvious over-engineering. But I should state that sometimes additional cooling is required, mostly due to the bad setup.
For example, I’ve started getting overheat problems, since I’ve changed 12t pulley to 18t one (@ 270kv motor).
Not a while ago, I thought about having radiators on both sides of the 4.xx vesc, with ribs perpendicular to the board direction, and having a printed air intake (for example, on the right wall of the enclosure), so it turns the airflow by 90 degrees, goes through the vesc and goes out on the left side.


But it’s all senseless if there’s no way to dissipate the heat from the MOSFETS effectively…

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I cool mine with a heat sink.


I think that’s the most rewarding solution… Passive cooling in order to increase thermal mass and then let the wind do the rest…

Anyway, I would love just to do it. Just to say: Wow I did that. Maybe water cooling will become a standard for VESCs some day. 50 years in the past nobody would have said to cool your PCs electronics with water, look where we are today.


By the way vodka cooling is not that bad as you might think. It is less conductive than water (if at all), so safety aspect is much better here

From Russia with love vodka