Whatup fellers. I need some help from the VESC masters. This isn’t really esk8, but it is vesc related.

Long story short. Iv’e rebuilt an old zappy style scooter. I put a 500W 8" hub motor from alibaba in the rear, and it works AWESOME. It’s actually way too much fun.

The problem is, I have no brakes. I am using a 3 wire thumb control as my throttle. It’s connected the the ADC port. The throttle works great, and I have no issues with it.

What I’m trying to do is: connect a second thumb control to the ADC2 pin and use it for regen braking. I cannot for the life of me figure this out, and it’s driving me NUTS.

I know people have done this before for e-bikes, but i cannot find ANY info on how to wire this. I have both throttles connected to the same Power and Ground pins on the vesc, is this the problem? Does anyone have any clue how I would wire this?

Thumb1(Throttle)(works): 5V, GRND, ADC
Thumb2(Brake)(no response): 5V, GRND, ADC2

With this setup I cannot get the vesc tool to read my Thumb2 Brake Throttle at all in the app. The ADC2 Live Data is greyed out in the Wizard when trying to configure the High and Low voltages.

When I have my mode set to Current No Reverse ADC2 brake it seems to full brake when I let go of the Throttle.


@Fiori Can you post some screenshots of vesc tool?

I may be way off base but I think most scooters and trikes use mechanical brakes.

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Yes sure thing. Here’s the throttle ADC input mapping screen. I feel like it’s not getting the ADC2 signal, hence the greyed out portion. (CH2)

I’m a moron…I went to check my wiring and got a little shock when I touched my signal wire…

I took the vesc out of its case and flipped it over… I had it connected to the 3.3V pin on the other side of the connector by accident… FML.

I’ll leave this thread up for others to laugh at :joy:


Got a pic of the scooter?

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Scooter was free, someone was going to throw it away. It’s ugly too so I feel like nobody will steal it :stuck_out_tongue:

Max speed is about 19mph on flats. 12s2p 30qs salvaged from some of my past batteries I made that had failed groups. 4.12 maytech vesc(also leftover). Motor is a 500w 48v 8x2 from AliExpress. Running 40 batter amps.

I had a zappy when I was a kid and this feels so similar. It’s some kind of super old Chinese zappy copy. It’s way too much fun.

I meant to make a thread but haven’t yet.

Yes, my garage is a disaster.


They do, but its mainly because a lot of the cheap controllers just don’t support it.

As we all know here, the regen braking can actually be really strong. It’s more than enough to completely stop this scooter.

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I have build a electric drift trike, around the Vesc 6 and a e-bike hub wheel.

I sort of have the same problem. Throttle works perfect (adc1, gnd 3,3v)
But brakes (adc2, gnd and 3,3v) do not work very well. The motor do brake, but very very weak. No matter what my braking amps is, the brakes is pretty weak. Both ADC1 and ADC2 ppm indput is perfectly calibrated, and goes between 0-100% in the vesc tool -> monitoring. I have tried contacting Benjamin several times on the vesc-project forum, but without luck. I don´t know if it´s a bug ??

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If you post your settings I can compare them to what I have. The brakes should be pretty strong depending on what hub motor you have.

No matter what amp values I use for braking ( bat regen. and motor brake) the brakes are weak… Even with 100 amp…

Are you sure those settings are actually being written?

Yes off course

Screenshots of your ADC and ADC2 values? What are you using for throttle/brake input?

This one:

The most Chinese throttles out there, is not working properly on the vesc, if you are using 5v… the 3,3v indput works perfect for me. I cant remember my values, I just use the wizzard for setting up the remote, and get my end and midpoint perfect. And they are, when I test them under real-time-data, both my two throttles moves between 0% to 100%… make sure yours does as well… if not, try 3,3v instead, and re-do the calibration.
ADC2 overwrites ADC 1, which is nice. Meaning, that any time you give brake indput on ADC 2, no matter how much throttle you are giving on ADC 1, you will brake. My problem is just, that the brakes are so damn weak that its dangerous to only use that e-brake (I have a mechanical brake also)

This for my throttle :

This for my brake :

Btw. why are you setting up ADC as a “Brake Button” ? When you are using a Hand throttle… ? The correct way under “control mode” is : “Current No reverse Brake ADC2”

All of my stuff works perfect now, not sure if you read the post above but I just had my ADC2 from my second throttle on the wrong pin. I don’t need help anymore.

None of those settings in the picture i just posted are what I used, I was just using that as an example to tell you what screen to post a photo of so I could help you get your brakes working stronger…I do use Current No Reverse Brake ADC2…

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Your garage is a disaster :stuck_out_tongue:

Fiori can you please send me a email, I created a account just because I think your info would help me with my two bulids in process. My first one I have a goped esc with 6374 motor and vesc I just never been able to figure the brake button. And my current bulid is a gokart with two 6374 motors. My email is


@Bperez3 Hey man hows it going. Post some info on your setup here and I can help you out. Maybe some others can learn something too and that way it’s not hidden in an email somewhere. I’m happy to help you get it going. EDIT: screenshots of your vesc settings, and info on what type of brake button you are using will be the most helpful.

PS: The scooter is still running strong still. Made it an actual real battery out of new cells and it’s great.

Hello Fiori, yes so I have a electric gokart at the moment i’m using a trampa wand mounted on my handle bars. it works great but I want to try using the two ebike throttles. so my current set up is two single og focbox 12s5p, I just brought the thumb throttles. do you know if it will still work if I use the 5v instead of the 3v. oin my slave vesc I have a bluetooth module so I’m trying to wire the throttle and ebrake on the master vesc