Yea you will want to wire them up to the master. There is two inputs adc, and adc2. You will use one input for each throttle. Whether you use 3V or 5V depends on the type of throttle. I think it’s going to be the 3V, I will check mine for you when I’m home from work if you need me to.

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Yes could you take a photo please

You can have your 2 throttles on 3.3V, GND, ADC and ADC2,
And for the bluetooth module, you use TX and RX, but take 3.3V and GND off the SWD connector.

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Bingo. Alex has it exactly right.

I’d put my BT module on the master as well.

The foc boc only has one 3.3v tho. Can I just use the two v5

ah ok, the Focbox shares the JST7 for comm and swd, damn!

If you use 5V for the throttles, assuming they can handle it, that means that you’ll potentially get values in the 0-5V returning on the ADC pins, which, from memory, might be too much/unsafe. But adding a resistor could bring that back to the 0-3V range. (check vedder’s forums)

Otherwise try to share the 3.3V for powering the 2 throttles and bluetooth, with the risk that this might introduce noise and unstability in the bluetooth connection. I had that problem, and moving the bluetooth onto a separate 3.3V/GND connector helped greatly on that regard. However, the differences between a Focbox and a Flipsky 4.12 are probably significant, so maybe the noise issue is not relevant for you.

On my scooter I just soldered two wires together and connected to the single 3V pin. It hasn’t caused any issues yet.

You should be able to T off the single pin and be fine.


can I have a picture of your throttle settings. its not the ones you posted on top right?

Does this look right to you guys?

This is what I have. I haven’t made the screenshot but it is straight foward. I have the ADC1 max voltage set to 3.30V which is the max value given in VESC tool. if you set the max value to be 2.54v, the vesc won’t cover any adc signal value coming from the throttle. obviously, you wouldn’t want that. so, in order to cover the whole range given from the adc, it has to go up to at least what vesc can provide.

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just click the Up buttons multiple times and it would go up to 3.3v

Nope, that’s not how it works, you set the min and max values to what your throttle returns during detection phase in VESC tool. It’s not necessary 0-3.3V, it’s actually almost never the case, and something like 0.8-2.5V is not unusual, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you set the min and max accordingly.

Just use the throttle mapping, and apply those values. Min value of throttle will be mapped to 0% current output, and Max value will be mapped to 100% current output.
If your throttle returns a max signal of 2.5V and you have set the ADC1 max to an unreachable 3.3V, then your VESC will never deliver full power.