Vesc 6 overcurrent fault

I just reset my vesc settings Andy wanted to change some and now when I try to throttle I get an overcurrent fault

On the bench the motors spin fine but as soon as any weight goes on it during acceleration I get this over current fault

I have so far redone all my settings
I changed the settings to really low amps like @b264 asked me to try
I have a 12s5p 30q made by @tinp123 with a charge and discharge bms
2x trampa vesc 6
Flipsky motors

What else could I try

I know that I am getting overcurrent as that is what my davega says when’s I try throttling

What else could I do to fix it?


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Can you post screenshots of your settings.
What was the value that triggered the overcurrent?(should be visible in the vesc tool)


Will check soon

Do you know does the vesc have to Be connected to the vesc tool when the fault happens or if I connect it afterwards then should it show the faults

99% you have a bad connection somewhere in your system.
Check motor connectors, battery connections etc


you can connect it afterwards, but don’t reboot the vesc, faults get cleared on shutdown.

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K thanks will check all connections now

I usually could use my laptop for the vesc tool but it is being use daily for a print right now so will have to connect the vescs to a computers later

Here are the faults

Do you see anything massively wrong

The overcurrent is triggered in very low current.
Check your connections.

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Checked all xt90 and they are all fine what other problems could there be

Phase wires?



Also make sure your loopkey is all the way in if you’re using one


Using a discharge bms which has an intergrated anti spark so using a power button will make sure that is properly plugged in though

Also found 1 half loose phase wire which plugged in and will try checking I forgot get the fault again so

Also how do you hold the bullet connectors together (hot glue?)

heatshrink the bullets together

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And that should hold them?

You can also get heatshrink with adhesive inside the tube but it’s a pain to get it off if you need to

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K will be ordering some Moreno heat shrink tonight somehow managed to mess up my charge indicator so have to fix the to

Has anyone attached a usb to the outside of the enclosure in order to make updates without having to open the enclosure up?

I usually just use a bit of electrical tape. Mostly to prevent them from shorting one another; the connectors are tight as is. If they’re not, you can bend the male ones a bit wider with some small pliers.

no lol


K thanks

I think there is also a problem with the switch gonna take half the build apart tomorrow and see if it works

just curious what firmware are you running on the vesc6?

can you post photographs of your setup, in particular of the phase wiring between the esc’s and the motors?

if you disconnect canbus and run each esc separately, do they both generate the same fault codes when bench testing or riding?

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