[USA] WTS 12s4p Haya Complete or... Parts?

Selling my Haya Magnum board. It needs new drivetrain components (rear truck/axles and motor mounts and I don’t ride this enough to put any money down when I’m working on something cooler. The real deets are in this thread: Raspberries and Blueberries | Venom Mach 1 Magnum | Haya | Focbox 1.7 | Surf-Rodz RKP | 5065 | 12s4p 30q | Metr Pro | Anti SparK? | OSRR @DerelictRobot? |

The Problems

  • The rear axles are bent. They are akhlut integrated motor mount axles but this is my 2nd set and already have bent slightly one side. Unobtanium so a new truck and mounts must be sourced. Need a new truck since this blue one is 150mm and won’t work with most mounts.
  • Missing ~40% of the lid screws. M3? countersunk short ones. They vibrated out down the road somewhere.
  • The motor phase wire insulation is shit and I’ve had to repair abrasions for potential shorts.
  • No BMS. Open the lid and charge externally. 2x 6s4p 30q batts in series
  • Glass frit is falling off on the rear foot area a bit
  • Motor pulleys sometimes came loose, I can include proper D bore pulleys to correctly fit. Keyed pulleys from TB are on now.
  • your phone needs to be right up to the deck to connect to the Metr reliably since the antenna broke.

The board

  • Haya 93 & DIY 12s4p 30q ------------------------------------- $300 shipped SOLD
  • Surf Rodz 200mm & 150mm trucks; 45 & 35 degrees - $75 shipped
  • Venom Mach 1 78mm 76a & Moon pulleys --------------- $150 shipped
  • Moon Fiber motor mounts (no clamp) ---------------------- $30 shipped
  • Amazon special 180kv 5055 $50 motors ------------------ $45 shipped
  • Focbox 1.7 x2 ----------------------------------------------------- $180 shipped SOLD
  • Metr.Pro broken antenna ---------------------------------------$35 shipped
  • Miami Boards Antispark --------------------------------------- keeping if part out
  • Mini remote -------------------------------------------------------- comes with the board

$720 plus shipping for the entire thing. I’ll drive it to you no charge if you’re somewhat near Sacramento/Cisco area


That deck batt combo is a steal and a half


OMG noo

This is such an awesome board


Sold Deck & Batt. It’s a part out folks!


RIP that sweet drivetrain. It really wasn’t meant to be though.


@xsynatic please close, most has sold. I will update my other sales thread with remaining parts later.

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