(USA)Maytech MTO6374-190-HA Motor Group Buy *COMPLETED*

Is this still for u.s only

It’s a lot easier for me if it is, and the savings for out of country folks make make the deal not worth it. I can add it up.


I can’t edit the poll post because it’s a poll. But In the Poll I meant 20 motor GB not 20 person GB.

Is there any chance you could make the same chart for voting on these motors but maybe two seperate ones, one for EU and other for Australia/Oceania. And if the interest is there for that region they could sort it out between those who would be able to take the responsibility of handling the motors?

TBH I would rather stay with the original idea of 20, then maybe someone else can do the rest so you don’t have to front that much money. My 2c

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Anyone interested in the sealed Motors, the thread is here

Is there much difference in torque when comparing 190kv to 170kv?

I would assume the difference would be most important on a single drive setup

I recently switched 190kv to 170kv on a single. SK3 6374. Torque went up noticeably. From “not quite enough” to “ah that’s more like it!”


Fiori, I don’t really care what motor we end up with, I’m in the first 20 so I voted to keep it at 20 as it was the cheapest option at <$100 per.

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Even at cost it is close to $100 landed. I will leave the poll up this weekend and make a decision pending interest.

Zach just to be clear, because people are getting confused now with all the topics:

Are you organizing an EU only group buy?

As of this point, yes it appears to EU based. If someone would like to handle the US side of things, then it would be international. But for now. Eu

Sorry for any confusion!

Could you edit your previous post to say EU?

Hey everyone, after monitoring the poll results this weekend I’ve decided there’s really not enough interest for me to do a massive group buy, I will stick with the original 20 motor group buy.

I’ve also welcomed this little guy into our family over the weekend and probably won’t have time for that massive 50 plus motor group by organization anyway.

I will be contacting the first people that posted in the order that they posted interest with a link to a PayPal money pool so we can get this order going as soon as possible.

Edit, more puppy pics:


Aw what a cute German, glad to hear this is still moving forwards!

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Beautiful pupper. I have a German shepherd as well, they are awesome.

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Congrats on the new family member!

Just to check, the original 20 refers to the open motors?


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Congrats on the new puppy he’s gorgeous!


@ShutterShock Thank you! We love him. We’ve decided to name him Rambo.

@mmaner Thanks Man, I LOVE shepherds. I have had them my whole life and they are this most loving and loyal companion anyone can ask for. Rambo came from a nearby(2 hours away LOL) animal shelter. He is a German Shepherd x Malmute mix(supposedly). Can you believe he was the last of his litter and nobody picked him :frowning: , so the breeder(accidental liter) took him to the shelter where he stayed for about a month. My girlfriend found him in an advertisement put out by the shelter. We couldn’t be happier to have him.

@annihil8ted Thank you very much, we love him :slight_smile: . And yes it refers to open motors.

@whaddys Thanks man! He’s so beautiful, we love him. He is the biggest lover/goof ball there ever was.

In other news: Iv’e sent a PM out to what I believe are the first people to show interest. In the PM there is a link to a paypal money pool so that we can collect funds and get the order going!


I was trying to figure out the mix, hes a beautiful dog.

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