USA - Group Buy - Sunmate wheels, tires, tubes (chinsese superstars or untrampas)

I know some will have some ethical feels about this BUT, I need a few sets of tires anyways so once again Im willing to facilitate it if theres a worthy need and/or if i can get any respectable discount on pricing from them as well.

I know only a few people personally who have had some QC issues with their full wheel, I on the hand did not and only have good things to say about them “for the price”.

Tentative numbers and options: Im still negotiating discounts based on total order volume but who knows as they like MOQ on individual items.

Tires 6-7-8" x 2" probably around $25/set before shipping to the US and then another $10 max for priority US to you.
6-7" are black street tires with a similar looking tread to the TB tires. Will work on getting better pics.
8" knobby like trampas/MBS style. color options RED, BLACK, BLUE

tubes $3.50 before shipping to the US and then another $10 max for priority US to you.

Complete Wheels - (tire, tube, rim) $18/ea, once again before shipping to the US. Domestic shipping probably closer to $25 on the high side as a set of full tires will fit in a large flat rate box OR if theres enough orders they will box each set for me.

8mm bearing only if you want it to fit on trampa/mbs trucks you will have to order new bearings and 3d print the proper spacer, mmaner has a file that works perfect.

Naturally if you order multiple items those would all go in on box and probably reduce you over all ship cost domestically.

Wheel Pulleys - 72T only option, aluminum, $40/ea before shipping to the US

Once again this is currently a temperature test. I will make a survey later to keep things orgnized. We will see where this goes. thanks

EDIT 7/15
Here is a survey form for who wants what. We still need to factor in shipping from China which is looking around $10 per .5kg… so go do the math on that lol…well I am… and how to spread that accordingly based on final orders…and then who know perhaps final total order discount but fingers crossed there.

Can I get the bearings in 10-12mm ID? NO
Order something like this:



Figured I’d just ask here so everyone can see, but does anyone know if the sunmate tires are at all compatible with Berg wheels?

bergs i dont know, its a yes for TB rims tho


Are just rims and Pulleys possible?


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Sooo, Sunmate def makes a smaller hub that fits the clever 6x2 tires (not the 150x50 tires that fit the larger hub) and might fit berg tires. Clever 6x2s fit berg rims though, psure.

Are colors free game? I’d like a set of blacked out 8" hubs, a set of the 6x2 hubs, and like 6 pulleys.

Nope they are not bergmeisters six shooters and the AliExpress 6x2’s (clever tires I’ve heard em called) have a smaller inner diameter then the larger mountainboard tires.

I know haggy has a new tire in the works that I believe is from the same factory and looks very similar to the TB tire.




interesting question…i can ask… pulleys are an easy yes… just rims i dunno. will also see what color options are for rim/spoke.

for me Id take the tires anyways…u can never have to many IMO


They have other size pulleys. I just received these wheels and some 66t pulleys from them. Think 62T were also available (to me) when I ordered.


Ah tis a shame, would have been cool to throw the knobby tires onto the bergs I just got

God damn it…

I’m in, I just need to figure out how much I’m in.

Edit, do we have a form/list/sheet that we can fill out or is it just post the wishlist and wait for the official doc later?

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This is as close as you can get.

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Oh interesting, I’m assuming that’s because it has the smaller ID

Yeah, super tiny selection in that size. I like those ^ though. Softer sidewall than the clever tires, and even though the siping/tread isn’t great, it’s def better than clever offroad.

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I would be interested in the 150x50, probably 8 tire+tube sets.

Yeah honestly it’s not a deal breaker. Mostly just curious. Might be interested in tubes and tires and just get mbs hubs so I don’t have to get new Pulleys.
Very interested in a set of tires/tubes as well.

In the dark here a little. Missing the connection as to why this would be unethical. Don’t mean to derail, but what am I missing?
Also, likely want to get me some 8” tires and tubes. Fits on the mbs hubs yes?

Don’t they look similar to another manufacturer’s wheels and tires, except for like 1/3 the cost? You know the brand for sure

Lol thank you for the hint. I’m entirely new to the mtb scene. Been looking at this shit for 3 years and I’m still a baby newb in this forum.
But ya. See what you’re saying.