USA Free Money! I.e. Free skate parts!

Not directly skateboard related but we all spend all our moneys on skate parts so why not help eachother out?

There was a huge class action law suit against equifax. If you ever checked your credit score (not even through them necessarily, it happens when you apply for jobs, apartments, etc too) you can submit a claim and get a $125 check mailed to you if you were affected.

This is not spam or a link to old men banging. I just filled it out myself after being told by a reliable work friend.

Don’t forget to check your significant others as well. $250 coming our way whoop whoop!

May the parts be with you.


Someone opened up a card under my name after running Equifax I took care of it. But i will apply for this.

While free money is always great, opting for the “free credit monitoring for 10 years” technically is the better value.


In your case i think you’ll get more because you had to do something due to thier leak.

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I considered it for a minute before realizing I have credit monitoring already. It’s brains like yours that make this world a better place.


i hope you know that the more people that apply the less money we get :joy:


@mods please close this thread lol


guess who just got himself a new free helmet! Thanks @Venom121212

Pretty sure my money is now on the way. It confirmed the claim!


Sick, free credit monitoring is good for me. Thanks for reminding me about this.

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False, settlement is flat rate. They just have to pay everyone who actually realizes it happened the amount in damages they settled upon.

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I understand how class action suit payouts work. Based off of the title alone I’m going to go ahead and say key word being might. That’s only if it hits the maximum allotted settlement amount and starts going over.

I’d rather help this community at the risk of making a few dollars less. Technically it’s off topic of skateboards though so feel free to flag the thread :money_mouth_face:


brb…crossing the border

Wow dick move man



Just for the record, I’m not the one who flagged the thread.

you just contradicted yourself…

It was @skunk, he’s a troll.

By saying that it’s a flat rate settlement until people go over the maximum allotted amount?

I didn’t think our small international community possibly cashing in on this would be enough to go over the maximum allotted settlement amount reserved. Sorry I didn’t get as anal as you’d like.


Oh well. No monies for me

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@Venom121212, so yeah it worked for me. I guess I’ll be getting a check haha. Thanks for the heads up on this dude.

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