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[US] WTS - Loaded vanguard flex deck(s)

Clearing out my personal inventory. Perfect for foosted builds or for someone who likes flex deck builds.

$120 shipped in the US. I might have a 2nd one available with caliber trucks and 90mm boosted stealth clone wheels.



Just a heads up that we have a forum rule that the pictures must be in the thread, not through a link. GLWTS!


Yeah, please post pics, not links to pics.


It’s been a little long waiting in a reply. I’m gonna close this until we hear back from the Op.

@jxslepton let me know when your ready to post pics and I’ll reopen the thread.


Updated with actual pics




Still available?

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Yes it is

What flex are these?

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Flex 3

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would you consider trading your deck for some cells? I can give you 140 cells for it

I’m not a battery guy. Thanks for the offer.

On a side note does anyone know why I’m not getting any email notifications for this thread?

wait, why doesn’t it have wire holes if it’s a boosted deck?

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Probably obtained before it went to that step in the assembly line.

Hi! I’m interested in the Loaded Vanguard deck. Is it still available?

Hey it is!

New to esk8, so I apologize if I ask a lot of questions.

What was the deck used for? If so, how many miles did you put on it?

It was used for standard kick push skating. Not sure how many miles are on it but there’s no visibility damage or gashes.