US/ WTS Getting out sale. Trampa. Unity. P42a. IDEA

Got a new kid on the way. gotta make room. So any future builds and spares needs to go!

Unity i bought back on amazon with a brand new 3dservia heatsink.

Brand new Superstar hubs with evolve 7in tubes and tires. never used just mounted together. has 8mm adapter and bearings included.
$150 shipped

50x P42A cells Brand new of course

IDEA 60t Supestar pulleys New!
$85 shipped

Killshot deck 40x10. This deck has been rode on and used for a bit but the deck itself is in good condition. No chips or crack. The Velcro will be removed before shipping
$100 plus shipping

DRI 12S4P 21700 PCB kit

14s smart bms with Bluetooth (new)

26x10 enclosure


Can you share a pic of the pulley teeth? Do they look well used? I’m interested.

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In really good condition



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Pulleys are sold. Everything else still available

Davega for sale

Still got Daly’s?

Pm sent

Yes I do

If you still have the Davega I’m interested

everything needs to go. More to come. such as 2x 6374 170kv motors. tkp hexls with motor mounts

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Are they battle hardened?

Can I just get my tracking info? Lol

Used. Still in great condition and flipsky

Battle hardened?

Will that dri battery kit fit in that enclosure?

Did that enclosure come off the Killshot deck? About how deep is the enclosure?

It fits

No this came off of a recoil deck from him deep enough for a double stack 12s8p 21700

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So to be clear would it fit the killshot? If yes im interested unless the other guy wants it who got here first