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[US] [WTS] focbox 1.7 x 3, focbox 1.6 x 2




@BbsMentos you might prefer these than a unity

Thanks, but I’ve just bought a Unity


Focbox 1.6 pair on evolve cgt anodized cnc’d sink: 250$ shipped USA
-2 blue single sinks
-CANBUS connector
-xt60-h amass powerside
-New turnigy 12 awg phase leads (3 in), new 5.5 barrel connectors
-adhesive lined marine grade yellow heat shrink
-shown tested at 12s
-new silicone sink pads
-2 sensor wire extenders/adapters
-fw 3.58
-no top covers included
-chipped coil core (?). See magnified detail.
-these were my learner ESCs. Lots of 10s5p 30q use, no 12s lipo 4wd duty. No visits to the wizard.
-pulled out of one of my working 2wd buddy boards. @Skunk was the last forum celebrity guest rider.


Focbox 1.7 pair on black single stock sinks. 230$ shipped USA
-tops included
-not paired in testing, firmware are different, what’s the best one? No room in this thread. USB ports working fine.
-XT60-h amass powerside
-New turnigy 12 awg phase leads (3 in), recycled 5.5 barrel connectors
-adhesive lined marine grade red heat shrink
-these were pulled out of a hummie board from Hummie. Pcbs looked cleaner than mine before brushing them down.
-I shaved a mm off the plastic top cover on one to fit them side by side. Can provide pics if concerned.


Single 1.7 labeled “C” was a dud. Even the SWD vesc6 blackmagic trick didn’t work. Soldered headers on and everything.

I’ll pay US shipping (USPS flat rate). Will do international and cover shipping for all 4.

PayPal goods and services payment is ok for folks I haven’t met in person.

Guaranteed not DOA. If so, I’ll cover return shipping. If questionable DOA status given buyers installation, I will rely on Moderator (this forum) consensus after report of error/malfunction. Public, private posting, don’t care which.


Uggg… Why does this have to happen right when I’m about to pay for my @Sender deck and lazyrolling gear :man_facepalming:

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Solid Chance I’ll have a few more ESCs up soon


:grin: Imma need some spares :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have to keep telling myself over and over to be patient and wait for the neoboxes I ordered. You Sir offer and great deal but are a very bad influence on my wallet.


Update: 1.7 set sold.


U got any 390-410mm belts?


I’ve got a coupla 405s i’m never gonna use. Just pay shipping

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5$ enough to 92127?

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Yeah, should be plenty. It’ll be a week or two before I’m back at my dorm, hope that’s not an issue

Ah shit lol, I sent the money but that’s fine

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Is it? I can reject the $. Sorry, forgot to ask if this was a build in progress or if you actually need the belts

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Sorry for cluttering the thread, my bad

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