[US] WTB Weipu 6 pin connector (WEIPU SF12 6Pin) or other connector for sensors.


Title. I’m looking for some WEIPU SF12 6Pin connectors for sensor connectors on my build. The options i can find online have either very expensive or very slow shipping so figured I’d check here first in cast anyone has some they can let go of.

If you have other smallish 6-pin connectors of a similar type, hit me up also, I may be interested in those as well.

GX-12 not fancy enough?

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hm i hadn’t heard of those. they don’t seem to have a IP rating, are they considered waterproof?

Not particularly

Not Weipu, or fast. But cheap. And small format.
Bit of hot glue on thread so it doesn’t unwind with vibration :call_me_hand: