[US-NY] Big parts + eMTB board sale: Boardnamics drives, Apex Predator w.extras, Xenith ESC, Kenda tires, etc.

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to read up on ek8 stuff and I’m glad to see this community doing well!!

I need to sell a bunch of awesome ek8 stuff that I got over a year of optimism and another year or two of working on everything but this hobby. I need to stop pretending that I’ll make time for this any time soon and I have to recover space at home quickly.

I’m based of out NYC and would be happy to deliver these items in person after receiving payment. I will ship domestically, but it’s expensive and relatively more time consuming for me, so I’d rather avoid it (not to mention the risk that things arrive damaged, costing everyone more time). If there’s a significant amount of stuff left in a week, I’ll ship to other countries assuming there’s demand for it.

I prefer to use PayPal, but I’ll set up Venmo if it’s needed. I suppose you can send me crypto coins if you really want to.

I NEED this stuff to go quickly and I don’t have time to look into reasonable prices. Make an offer and I’ll consider it in good will.

I love how this community operates and I hope to rejoin in the future, once I make time, rather than hoping I’ll be able to. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for looking!! :heart:

I’ll update this post as I go through all of my stuff, but please don’t hesitate to ask questions, request pics, etc. and I’ll be sure to prioritize responding to those.

If someone wants to buy all of the mountainboard items together, I’ll knock another 10% off.

BKB Xenith v2.1
Price (USD): $205 + shipping (or free local delivery)




Apex Predator :smiling_face_with_tear:
Description: Original (wood) Haro Bro deck, Apex Air trucks, MBS hubs, MBS straps, Apex foot pads, 8x bearings, spare wires, bull bars, and extra Riptide KranK bushings included for you to get a comfortable setup.
Price (USD): $936


Apex Jump Drives with 170kv Flipsky motors
** SOLD!!!

Apex ESC box
Price (USD): $92


Apex-sourced Wate charger
Description: 54.6v, 7a average output charger
Price (USD): $67


Boardnamics M1-AT drivetrain
Description: Apex truck mounts, 5.20 gear ratio, 190KV motors, and steel plates will be included.
Price (USD): $420


Hoyt St Puck
** SOLD!!!

BKB Xenith v2
Price (USD): $170 + shipping (or free local delivery)

  • upload pictures here

What’s left – to be added once I find the rest of the items

  • Apex-sourced pneumatic tires with inner tubes ($75)
  • Apex Ninja hubs x5 ($37)
  • Various Riptide bushings – I’ll include these in the order with the trucks (or hopefully the entire board setup)
  • I think I have a few other items. I’ll post those soon or just throw in some extras into random orders.
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Legally you have to have a price and pictures


Got it, thanks for the heads up. No idea what I’ll do about the prices, but I’ll figure it out and fix both tonight.

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Another option that works legally is just to put “one million dollars, or best offer” as the price. But be prepared to be lowballed :rofl:

But a price has to be listed.


What gearing and motor kv on the Apex setup?

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Sorry for taking a while to update. Details coming with the pics.

Apex Jump Drives have a 5.5:1 ratio. The motors are Apex-branded Flipsky 6384 170kv

Update: I will accept offers if it feels like my prices are out touch with reality.

any chance you’d sell the apex drives apart from the motors? may be interested

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sent dm

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Hey I’ll take the puck. DM incoming.

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Common_good got dibs on the Hoyt Puck.

Everything else is still available.

A few people are interested in motors without the gearhubs, but I really want to try to keep them together because they were designed to work together.

To confirm: the Apex motors listed above have 8mm shafts, shortened to avoid the need to cut them during installation.

The Hoyt Puck is sold (and shipped). Everything else is available at the moment.

I’m interested in the Jump Drives and motors. Also located in NYC, can pickup

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Update: Apex drives and motors are going to @383roadrunner taking them off the list.

Update: @LicMystic snagged the Apex ESC box and shock pads. I’ll update the post soon.

Hey All. Just wanted to let everyone know that I got the puck. Shipping was fast and it arrived with some extras!! Solid seller.

Thx @goodmove :pray:

I second this, solid seller and a great guy! Picking up parts he gave me a tour of a community workshop he is part of in Brooklyn. I was there around 7 pm during the week and there was at least eight people there working on projects.They have all kinds of equipment for people to just come and use. Full blown soldering station with hot air, woodworking CNC, glass laser cutter, 3d printer, power tools big and small and much more. This is taken from the website- We Learn, Share, and Make things, a hacker collective with a shared space located in Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together and build community.


I’m from Brooklyn and I’ve never heard for this place what’s it called?

I wanted to clear it with Gene before giving specifics. It’s called NYC Resistor