[US] New Surf Rodz RKP and TKP

From the mystery box. Just swapped some colors and don’t need these.

Item 1
SR RKP 176mm 50 degree baseplate and 35 degree baseplate

Item 2
SR TKP 177mm


I want but don’t need :melting_face:


Exactly how I ended up with these lol


Still waiting for my mystery box to arrive. Wicked you got the long axle tkp’s. Both those sets look very tidy.
I’m crossing my fingies that I got some adjustable tkp baseplates. That would be siiiiicckkk

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Yeah I’m stoked I got 177’s. I asked for long axles in the notes when I ordered. Also they came pretty mismatched but I swapped em around and got 3 solid sets.

If anyone is interested in the red or gold rkp, I’d be willing to just buy the matching hanger. I’m gonna order adjustable plates anyway so it wouldn’t be a hassle.


For the build I’m doing the mismatch will go with the aesthetic so I’m pumped to see all the colors. I hope you’re able to sell the ones you don’t need brother! Good deal!

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Actually interested in trying a different style of truck than my DKP’s.

I heard that “surfrodz” (no mention of model) are prone to failure in some regard. I suppose any truck could fail if not taken care of, maintained, etc. Is it true that this make is more prone to failure than other makers’ trucks?

Are these stable at 30+ mph (48+kmh)?

The TKPs have a “common” failure point where the hanger attaches to the bushing support. Two bolts can’t handle the sheering force. I have yet to have a problem, but I tend to ride sub 30mph. @glyphiks has snapped a few, but I think it was just him trying to bleed and not really a problem with the trucks

The RKPs are pretty stable at speed and I haven’t seen/heard of any truck failures there.

inhuman shriek
You have purple tkp baseplates and purple rkp hangers and they cant be combined or id buy em. Surfrodz has thrown the aesthetic minded an unforgivable curveball and i shant forget it.


I know of several others as well.

Don’t wanna shit in anyone’s cereal, but seeing as I was tagged here, I’ll share my insight.

I have broken these several times, always at the interface between the pivot piece and the hanger. Either the bolts have come loose, stripped the threads in the hanger, or the bolts have just straight up sheared.

I cannot in good faith recommend the surfrodz tkps be used on an esk8.

That said, they are an absolute dream to ride and i don’t regret my time with them.


I’m about to put them on a deck and that sounds concerning. It’s for my gf’s board and she’s only 100lbs. Do you know of any fixes? Maybe using titanium bolts?

The best fix I have come up with is to use different trucks.

The ‘fix’ that lasted the longest for me was to epoxy the bolts in, epoxy the pieces together and epoxy the heads of the bolts so that they couldn’t come loose.

They still broke.

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Thanks for the heads up! I’m gonna try epoxy and titanium bolts and see how it holds up.

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Steel is stronger


One piece hangers are stronger


Steel one piece hangers FTW

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Titanium is about as strong as stainless.
Mine had stainless bolts and failed at the bushing seat.

High-strength steel is the only acceptable bolt.
And I still wouldn’t trust them too much.

Titanium + Eska8 =



Pretty much lol Lacroix made it seem fancy but it’s really only super strong for its weight which we all can throw out the window

Get titanium bolts for bling, not strength

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Maybe I’m missing something, but I found that they have a similar tensile strength depending on the grade.
reference: https://material-properties.org/steel-vs-titanium-comparison-pros-and-cons/

So I found that surfrodz uses grade 12.9 alloy steel bolts, which are very strong, but still only a slightly higher tensile strength than grade 5 titanium bolts (what radium and lacroix use)

But, titanium will stretch twice as much as steel before it breaks. It’s also more resistant to corrosion, which is a huge factor considering I live on the coast! Here is a picture of my 1 year old eovan. The strength of these bolt have definitely been compromised.

Now considering the angle of force being applied to the bolt, with how the bushing plate slightly wraps around the hanger. It seems that having a bolt with slightly less tensile strength, but twice as much elasticity is far less likely to shear.

Isn’t that safer?

Also due to the issue of the bolt coming loose, people are tightening the bolt to the point of stripping the head. Which is creating a lot of stress where the head meets the bolt before any extra force can be taken into consideration.

The only downside I can see to titanium bolts is cost. But I’m no expert.