(US) F/S: 107 superflys, janux mounts, pulleys and


107 superflys (reflys?)
maybe 100mi max on them, no chunking and were amazing! super buttery and smoothe, i just tried pnuemis and couldnt come back.

dickyho 36T aluminum wheel pulleys 15mm wide, some shaving of the hanger required when using on a TB hanger

janux original mounts. used but in great working condition. These are “medium” length based on his available options. I may have the motor pulley covers as well. Comes with 3 out of 4 idler bearings. You will have to source 1 more bearing set (smaller vs standard) depending on belts u decide to use.

2- 320mm belts used but great condition.

how much for the reflys to Sydney 2156 Australia?

ooooooh i’m a little interested…

what size motor goes on those mounts?

Ive had both 6355 and 74 on there… Should hold 50xx motors as well if u were going smaller

$80 about… intl get expensive…but maybe thats a good deal to you? =/

so $80usd shipped is that correct?

$80 for shipping yes… Plus cost of wheels or whatever other parts u might want… Buy i only weighed the wheels so shipping cost would increase with more parts…

wheels sold… The rest is what ever is left. Thx

do you know if those pulleys fit over Tiller’s HeXL tucks?

i dont BUT if you have the trucks in hand…and slide a skate bearing on the shaft…if the bearing is bigger than the hanger then they will fit. A bearing can seat perfectly inside the pulley if someone wants… or you can just reverse engineer with the info i just provided to come to an answer :wink:

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thanks I’ll check when I’m back home and get back to you

Any word? Still interested? Thx

Sorry yeah no dice doesn’t look like they’re gunna work