[US] Evan's parts for sale - wowgo at2 deck, eboosted enclosure, Surfrodz TKP, Enertion Trucks + mounts, pulleys

Pictures below. Prices include shipping within the US. Happy to ship outside the states, but it will cost more.

  • $140 shipped (deck) - wowgo at2 bamboo deck. This deck has the perfect amount of flex. This was going to be my next project but I have too many skateboards right now.

  • $175 shipped - Surfrodz TKP 177mm with 10mm boardnamics axles installed, and riptide cups and bushings, spacers and bearings to fit normal skate wheels. Comes with both boardnamics mounts and dickyho long reverse mounts that were adapted to fit the boardnamics truck mount. This lets you mount up to 6380 motors, and do it drop through, with 15mm push fit pulleys. I’ll also toss in bracing brackets for the dickyho mounts. Someone with a rayne demonseed needs these.

  • $40 shipped - 12mm belt bkb push fit kegel 40t pulleys. Meant for the duo but work with any board and are very high quality parts. (Black)

  • $35 shipped - dickyho 12mm belt push for pulley 36t with bearings for 8mm and 10mm axles. (Silver)

  • $40 shipped - OG enertion 180mm caliber style trucks - MOUNTS NOT INCLUDED since those were sold

  • SOLD - $650 shipped - Build kit boards BKB duo v1.1 - stock. 28mph / 20 mile range. Prefer local sale in the bay area.

  • SOLD - $75 - 105d clouds for sale. The good/ newer version. Maybe 10 miles on these.

  • SOLD - $60 shipped - Blue Caguamas in good used condition.

  • SOLD - $45 shipped - enertion motor mounts

  • SOLD - eboosted evolve gt enclosure is gone - deck is still for sale

  • SOLD - $50 shipped - OG Moon drive parts. Don’t ask me questions - I don’t have any answers. $50 and they’ll show up on your front door step.


See message

Also interested in trades for other big wheels. black TB110s, cloudwheel 120d, onsra 115mm, Boosted 105mm etc.

Anyone interested in a trade?


bump $90 shipped

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Added a bunch of stuff for sale.

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good deal on the duo… wish I was in the bay area. worth it just for the parts lmao

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Duo is sold. Cloudwheels are sold.

New parts added: moon drives, enertion, push fit pulleys.


bump - lowered prices on everything

Curious about those moondrives but it says don’t ask questions lol

Kind of joking with that, but I really don’t know much about them. I believe they are from the first batch, but @moon may be able to confirm. They are 12t pinion and 44t pom gear. Straight cut. You’ll need truck adapters, and maybe an additional bearing + some hardware.


Ok, yeah I’ll need to do more research to see what trucks it’ll work with.

I believe it will work with anything moon currently sells adapters for, but I’d check with him to confirm if you’re interested.

Moon drives are sold

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Willing to part out the old entertain motor mounts or other caliber style mounts?


Yeah I’d sell the 2 enertion caliber mounts for $45 shipped to usa.

Those Surfrodz TKP sure look nice…

They are some good looking trucks for sure


Added wowgo deck and eboosted enclosure for sale - $250 shipped to USA

Reality has set in that I’m going to be too busy with my other build for this one.