[US] 2MuchStuffNeed2Sell! [pending]$1200 EVO Complete, helmet, ESCAPE

New items:

adding Fox Racing Proframe Mink XL helmet (pink) display helmet with some markings $100+shipping


OG build tread

  1. [pending] Evo build from @Kellag $1200 + shipping
  • 12s4p 30Qs With discharge bus
  • Big Ben single stack enclosure
  • dual FOCBOXes
  • vx1 remote
  • TB6374, TB218
  • carbon fiber enertion mount
  • 16/36 pulleys
  • used orange GTR wheels
    (Drivetrain and wheels have options, choose what you want below for adjustable pricing.)
  • Old metr

Decks & enclosures & enclosure molds

  1. 2x Jet Killshot 38 blanks ($80 each shipping included)

  2. Eboosted 12s4p universal enclosure with gasket $100 shipped



Pics of 110 and gtr wheel see drive train

  1. 97mm Chinese Abec stone grounded $20+shipping

  2. Used Orange GTR 97mm $50 +shipping

Trucks and electronics

  1. Flipsky 4.20 dual+ ( half broken, missing phase wire) $25+ship.
Sold items
  1. [Sold] Jet Killshot 40 with single stack enclosure $100 (shipping included)

  2. [SOLD ] Used Hummie Carbon Deck (double cutout) with wore abs enclosure and cnc mold for more ABS enclosure $70+shipping

  3. [SOLD] Custom Hummie Hubs, 85kv, special winding with more copper, comes with extra hangers front and back. ($400)

  4. [SOLD] 3D Servisas nano gear drives with BKB 6355s on E-Caliber (Kegel) $350

  1. [SOLD] Lofty DirectDrive 72kv with abec adapters. (3.5mm bullets and jst sensor wire) stock bushings. $250

  2. [SOLDPrivacyDoctor] 90mm white hyperdrive $40+ shipping

  3. [sold] 176mm Surfrodz tkp with extra hanger $100+shipping

  4. [SOLD] 200mm Surfrodz pressfit adapter $50+ shipping

  5. [SOLD] Hammock baseplate (missing kingpin)

  6. [SOLD] HAYA HB92 (batch2 needs fiberglass reinforcement) $150

  7. [SOLD] 2x FSESC 6.6 singles $50 each shipped

  8. [SOLD] Used Hummie v1 deck (140mm single cutout) with mdf mold for abs enclosure. $30 +shipping

  9. [SOLD] 12s4p Sanyo 8Ah 80A discharge with d140 and charge port. $100+USPS ground shipping

  10. [SOLD] SR RKP hanger with pressfit and Marc’s motor mounts with idlers (motors not included) $150 + shipping

  11. [SOLD ] original Dual Escape $350 shipped


Dibs on killshot 40 with enclosure :pray:

dibs on tkp trucks

@Winfly will those pressfit adapters work with those trucks?

Can you hold these for me for 24 hours?
I totally understand if not. Just let me know


Fuck, the boas. Those won’t last long.

But after @longhairedboy said the new boas seem ok, I am waiting to see how they hold up I guess.

youll be waitin a while bud =/

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That’s my boy

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Are you shipping USA only? Could you check shipping to Tahiti in French Polynesia post code 98702 for that 30$ hummie please.

Edit 2


Why, for testing? Damon already has a pair.

I’m not really in any sort of hurry. I just want some 100mm kegel core wheels for my DD built. Right now I have 97mm abec wheels that I am using in the mean time.

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Sorry those are The early ones from lrdesign so only for RKP




Oh for testing IDK shit, just basing my assumptions off of this:

Ah. They have a new batch.

The only issue was that it seemed they outsourced them to China so people were worried about the quality of the Urethane.

We shall see. But yeah, the OG boas being sold here are proven to be some of the best wheels money can buy.

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It’s China thane vs trusted labeda thane. I’m selling them cus I have 3 sets and I don’t need 3 sets

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@Winfly already have my answer don’t need. Thanks anyway dude.

Word. I’m good on wheels but these boas r gonna be gone in seconds I have a feeling

How many cycles on the battery?

Less than 10

Dm me for the KS with enclosure

Yo! Is that gear drive in good shape?

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Dibs on the 30$ hummie if the Polynesia falls through, what’s the shipping to riverside CA

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