Urethane wheel compendium

If you are new to this like me, you have probably searched a bit for urethane wheel options. Both in Kegel and abec. Maybe even if you’ve been here a while. Please contribute with other options and information and add it to this thread. And do tell if i got something wrong or missing with the numbers. :call_me_hand:

Upcoming wheels or wheels on the drawing board are also most welcome here. :slight_smile:

Kegel core:

  • TB 110mm. CP 65mm. 72A
  • TB 110mm (Legacy). CP 65mm. 74A, 78A.
  • TB 100mm. CP 52mm. 74A
  • TB 90mm. CP 52mm. 74A
  • Boa Wheels 100mm. CP 65mm. 83A (OG, Made in USA version)
  • Hyperdrive 100mm. CP 52mm(?) 74A
  • Hyperdrive 90mm. CP 52mm(?) 77A
  • Orangatang Caguama 85mm. CP 56mm. 77A, 80A, 83A
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm. CP 56mm. 77A, 80A, 83A
  • Ollin Popoca 90mm. CP 45mm 78A
  • Momentum hollow wheels 105mm. CP 65mm. 80A
  • AHMYO Akasha FR 76mm. CP 53mm. 79A
  • AHMYO Akasha DH 76mm. CP 57mm. 79A (may not fit pressfit pulleys)
  • Boosted 105/MAD wheels 105mmx65mm 72a

Kegel clone core:

  • Boa Wheels Constrictor 100mm. CP 65mm. 76A. Core not specified.
  • Boa Wheels Hatchling 90mm. CP 60mm. 83A (feels like 78A?). Offset core.
  • Boa Wheels Sigma 80mm. CP 63mm. 83A (feels like 78A?. Core not specified.

ABEC11 core:

  • Abec11 107mm. CP 55mm. 74A
  • Abec11 97mm. CP 43mm. 78A
  • Abec11 90mm. CP 44mm. 74A
  • Abec11 83mm. CP 44mm. 75A, 78A, 81A
  • Cloudwheels 120mm - original black core. Prone to cracks, avoid.

ABEC clone core:

  • Cloudwheels Discovery 120D. 120mm. CP (About 22mm, curved tread and dependent on wear.) 78A. Discovery have clear plastic core, much less prone to cracking.
  • Cloudwheels Discovery 105D. 105mm. CP (About 22mm, curved tread and dependent on wear.) 78A.
  • Discovery have clear plastic core, much less prone to cracking.
  • Verreal Glow wheels 97mm. CP (?) A (?)
  • AWOAH 97mm. CP 43mm. 75A
  • Momentum hollow wheels 105mm. CP 65mm. 80A
  • MBS All Terrain wheels 100mm CP (About 22mm.) 78A

Want me to make it into a wiki so everyone can edit it?

(you can change it as well btw)


That would be nice. Thanks!


This is a great start! Thank you for taking this on @UFOskada


I kinda want to try these but :shushing_face: don’t tell these guys they will crucify me :rofl:

I’m a huge fan for these to be released
I’m a contact patch fanboy


Boa wheels are amazing. I have them on more than one of my own rides. They’re best on belts though, even the mini thane drive only gets about a centimeter of ground clearance on them.


You’d have 14mm clearance with BN M1s with boas. Paltry, but just enough


They just came out with a new formula


Definitely need belt drive with these


AHMYO Akasha FR 76mm. CP 53mm. 79a
AHMYO Akasha DH* 76mm. CP 57mm. 79a

*DH are probably too far inset to use a press fit pulley


I love them and run them on my BN M1 drives. Sold my blue 72a 110s within a week after riding the 76a Boas. I find them to be so much better for hard carving and the softness definitely absorbs cruddy roads.

Drives are taking more nicks, but they are so beefy I don’t really worry about it.


Perth, Australia, 4WD, direct drive.
Raine rules mach 1 :handshake: :laughing:

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Mbs uses an ever so slightly too small abec clone, iirc.


CP of clouds and probably of the MBS is 22mm.


What drives would work with those?

Boundmotor Slimes

Curious if anyone out there somewhere is running these and any pitfalls or obvious problems.

The Trampa Gummies were/are not without issues? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for the questions, still getting to know this platform.


This seems like the right spot for that question. I’m also very interested in feedback on these weird boundmotor gummie clones which I assume have a plastic core.


nothing indicating plastic cores, doesn’t mention it anywhere except being a thane wheel.

Im interested in knowing more about the durability more than anything, a 130mm thane wheel that doesnt have the issues of gummies would be worth a look

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Pretty sure the ones you linked are plastic. Idk, they’re whatever their “sakura” hubs are. You can get them with their phantom hubs or just the urethane as well. I was kind of curious when I saw those, but I don’t even know much about the gummies either.

These are interesting. Looks like the wheels are pretty typical plastic AT rims. One nice thing is the wheels use 26mm OD bearings which may be a better choice for 10mm axles. I wish the urethane was softer and had some holes for shock absorption. Regardless, they look like they have some promise.



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