Upgrading e-scooter

So maybe brother has a razor e-300 electric scooter and has asked me to upgrade it for him

I found out they use some big bulky batteries which are really inefficient.so would like to swap those out.

They use 2 x 12v 7ah batteries so guessing without changing the controller I will have to stay at 12v?(is that right)(not sure if it is in parallel or series)

Also will it make a difference if I use a higher amp rated cell or would it ruin their controller??

For the moment I am thinking just changing batteries but in the future I could swap to a flipsky 4.12 vesc and a larger aps motor.

WhAt do you think and also would cells would get me the most range for a low price and high amps are not required?

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So I found out they use 2 lead acid batteries but not sure if they are run as 24v 7ah or if they are run as 12v 14ah

I wasn’t thinking about using 35e cells in something like 3s10p or 6s8p or something ridiculous like that

Does anyone know??

If they’re in series 24V, if in parallel, 12V. Or use a voltmeter to find out.

If you plan on upgrading the ESC and motor to more powerful ones, then 30Q would be a better cell choice. If you stick with the current ESC, and know that it draws very little power anyway, then you could do 35E.

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So the current 5ing isn’t really a esc it isn’t just a connector between the battery motor and throttle

Will send pics later

Oh it’s a DC motor? How interesting!

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24v pretty sure, check the charger.


Good idea will do and do you know if it will be fine to stick a couple extra amps into it

It isn’t 24v

Would 6s which is around 25v be ok or does it have to be exact

Also what 6s7p be fine with 35e

That would produce 56amps is that to much?

  1. The motor will only pull however many amps it needs (although without an ESC don’t quote me on that)
  2. 7p is enough to warrant 35E > 30Q lol :smiley: No way that motor is going to need more
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This seems like the type of project that could be done much more easily by getting rid of the previous internals and putting new everything in… But this is more fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As for the battery, find the charger. The charger will tell you the total voltage and then you can decide how many cells will go together in series.

That’s not really how it works.

The controller pulls the energy from your battery, meaning it dictates the amperage drawn.

Didn’t you make a custom build? This knowledge is pretty basic, maybe you should read up a little bit.


Looked a bit into it, the charger is 24V, and the scooter itself is advertised as 24V, so it is safe to say that the two battery packs are in parallel.

EDIT: brain fart, Since you found 2x 12V batteries, they are in series. Thanks @Agressivstreetlamp for pointing out.

The motor is brushed DC, so you if you are planning to eventually get a VESC, you will need to change the motor as well.

You can get as big of a battery as you can afford or fit, the controller and motor will only use what it needs.

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Also, li ion might not actually be your best chemistry for this.

Quick mafs:

24/4.2 = 5.7777ish

24/3.6 (lifepo4) = 6.66Ish

THUS, if you stayed at 6s and used lifepo4 cells you would end up with a ‘safer’ (for the ESC) scooter with what I would consider good range. Keep in mind you wouldn’t be able to fit as many cells, since a123s are thicker than 18650s…

Or you could stay at 5s li ion, if you really wanted to 🤷

This is going to end in fire


Shhh don’t spoil the ending


I move away from the mic to breathe




Lipo cells for real “performance”

Lol also a couple extra volts should be 100%ok unless you don’t want it to go any faster. I would go 6S li-ion I guess.

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so in theory would the thing blow up if i use lion 6s or would i have to stay at 5s

the motor says it is a 24v motor so guessing i shouldnt go above that?

currently dont want to go vesc but will change that later on

also for lifepo-4 what cells do you recommend

mainly looking for really high capacity and lower amps

was looking at the samsung 29e which is very cheap what do you think?

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