Up for a group ride?

Is there anyone here in the Palo Alto area or nearby who would want to do a group ride?

Btw, the category was just because I didn’t know what category this should be in, DIY’ers are welcome!

there is a groupride category

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I know but that is for scheduled rides, I am trying to gauge interest.

I’m in Sunnyvale. Pretty busy for the next couple weeks but generally down to meet up and ride

Sick! I was just thinking to get together a few people and go for a short 6-8 mile ride. I can’t go much farther than that on my V1 Onewheel anyway.

I’m in south bay. Interested as well :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter, use it as such.

No one looks for a group ride under a prebuilt board discussion.

Nevermind you can’t change it yet.


Great! It is nice to hear that there are other esk8/pev riders nearby. Hopefully we can get together sometime with @Shadowfax to ride.

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Dang I used to work in Palo Alto, where were you like 8mo ago

Do you still live nearby?

@skyart you’re not too far away. I’d be down to ride in Oakland one of these weekends if you have some routes you’d like to share.

I second that!