Unity PPM Cable


Looking to buy a Unity PPM cable.


actually i found one. somehow…

hows 1 MIllion USD in gold bars sound?


The shipping cost would be more than the gold was worth haha


just DM me your address, Ill drop by the post office tomorrow. Pretty sure I cam just throw it in an envelope

Appreciate it man. Just let me know the cost. I’m trying to solve my remote cutout issue atm, which means eliminating/changing one thing at a time until I figure it out

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wht FW you on?

Off the top of my head I’m not sure. I just switched over to Vesc tool and updated whatever Unity firmware was available on there.

I have one and I will let it go for only $950000, cash or krugerrands or paypal

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i ran my unity at the old 23 something version. It just worked better imo .the FW 5 stuff never seemed to work properly for me


Everything else works well for me, and I only get cutouts downtown, which I assume is because it’s signal-dense. So either something is faulty with my receiver/transmitter/ppm cable/ actual ppm portion of the ESC


what remote

Its a torqueboard mini 2.4ghz

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ill let brian do this one. He knows minis

Bring the guy on in, please haha. The cut outs are getting on my last nerve. I have a vx1 im about to try but it’s v6, not very, so ill have to rearrange the pins to work with the unity

Which downtown? In downtown Saint Louis there are three tiny spots that give brief signal drops. Everywhere else is rock solid. It’s been that way for years — except the spot in the park appeared out of nowhere like a month ago.

If this was a random phenomenon it’d be far worse – but the fact that it always only happens in these specific spots means it’s pretty benign for me.

I think you should look into getting a Hoyt Puck

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It’s downtown Roanoke VA. Small , but I get signal cutouts in certain places too. Do you think switching to UART might remedy this?

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the vx1 is a PPM receiver/remote, as is the mini…
and the pinouts are exactly the same

you’re confusing UART control on HW4 vs. HW6 where the TX are RX are swapped…
I’d personally check the antenna on both the remote and receiver… and set up the receiver so the antennas are oriented for best reception when riding…

and if you have some sort of faraday cage in your enclosure/board you’re going to have to work that shit out…

my mini has been 100%… and after modifying the VX1 it’s 100% as well…

i feel you have underlying issues that you haven’t thought about

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Switching to UART probably won’t change anything except make your ESC less compatible with expansion and bluetooth devices because the UART port is now full. It probably won’t affect the radio reception at all.

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he has a Unity, Brian, he has bluetooth and an unpopulated UART

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