Under deck enclosure options for trampa board.

Took like 20 mins


I can do that in 20 mins as well ask @PixelatedPolyeurthan :rofl: wanna vacuum it or stamp? Can you cnc your own pieces for the buck or do you need to make them by hand? This is just a start eh i like where ur going though.

Still needs a place for wires :+1:


I’m into vaccum cleaners…
Oh shit yes need to add that step down between the sections.

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Its also a bit better to round the edges more, otherwise you will stretch the material too much. Sharp corners are very hard to have a material folded around, preferrably take an outer fillet 2x the thickness of your material inner fillet about 1x your material then.

Ofc you can make smaller corners, but chances of the material ripping will be much bigger and that spot will become a weakspot.

I think fusion 360 had enough for today…

There added that step down for wires and increased the fillet @LuuktH


then don’t, lol. make it yourself! I did. But it takes a lot of time and patience to get it right. :+1:

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Nobody needs to beg to get an enclosure from my shop, I make every enclosure with the same passion and care I make enclosures for myself and I feel accomplished when I exceed someone’s expectations, I wouldn’t ever like someone to beg me to sell them and enclosure, that’s just not me at all. I’m just a one-person business trying to develop the esk8 scene, help people along the way and have fun at the same time.

People may think design/make enclosures is an easy job but it takes A LOT of time and dedication when you do it by hand, I have even taken months to make just one prototype and a mold, sometimes even all this work is wasted when things like this happens as you need to start from point zero.

I’m truly grateful to people who trust me, trust my work and understand some issues I sometimes encounter along the way that may delay shipments or fabrication.

On a sidde note, I’ll keep increasing the supported boards list every month and try to develop partnerships in other parts of the world to bring the shipping costs down.

BTW the HS11DS 21700 12s8p enclosure is almost ready, it will also fit 12s8p 18650s, I’m going to be offering only one version for both kind of cells, it’s taking way too much time but, believe me, it will be worth it.


I have this enclosure, haven’t fit the cells yet. Is this a one off problem? Or has this happened more than once?

If you use too much fish paper you may or may not need to sand the corners down a little bit with a file, the fitment is pretty just

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No problem my dude. Like a tight fit!

I didn’t want go this way but fine, seems like the crowd is hungry for some blood.
I waited patiently 10 days as agreed, then I ask for update,and I’m being told that production went tits up and it ain’t going to work, I wasn’t notified about this at all, until I asked, that’s not right.
Then you didn’t want to trust me with my solution of you sending me the enclosure and me trying to make use of it and if not you sending me good one, you didn’t trust me ok.
Then you refused to fullfill the legally binding order of my enclosure and forced me to go for modified larger enclosure and that would also take another 10 days, I still agreed and waited patiently again.
Around 10 days later I ask for another update and provide my order number, I was told that enclosure is done and it will be shipped next week.
Waited couple of days and asked for tracking number, there was no reply in almost a day.
At that moment I couldn’t take any more of this and I let it a little bit go and complained that shipping something shouldn’t take days and that even tho it’s one man operation it’s being handled very poorly.
Then in one minute he spilled couple of messages, he said the enclosure has actually not been completed, then he just sent me the refund because I’m in hurry.
After that I went with some french.
He then then says I’m not willing to wait (I waited as long as he asked, every time) he then used a family member with cancer as a excuse.
Dude this is not ethical to say that to people you’re doing business with.
Don’t get me wrong I feel you and I’m sorry about your family member but if everyone would avoid their responsibilities because something or someone in your life is not doing good then entire world would fall apart.
That’s not cool.
He finally says that he’s not going to do business with people who disrespect him (note the refund has been already sent).
Yes it’s true I was a bit rushing him, I was trying to take remaining holidays (must be used by end of this month) and go to work and do all the drilling, as I live in a student flat and can’t do anything like that here, I was unable to have any good holidays or take plane and visit my family so at least I was hoping to have some fun with working on my board.

Fuck the enclosure, the worst thing is that I thought I can trust everyone within the hobby/forum and treat each other like friends, I guess I was wrong…

First off, I’m sorry for the delay, this is a specific situation with the HS11DS enclosure and my goodwill to ship a product that is 100% perfect.

However, according to this:

It seems that you want to vent the discusion to an open forum in order to affect my reputation, so I have no choice but to reply.

This is the history of what happened:

24/08 - Order was placed
03/09 - I told you there were some fitment issues with the enclosure for 10% of people and I was making modifications, it may take 10 days, but I wasn’t going to be able to promise exact dates
06/09 - I told you the enclosure was ready by mistake, inmediately I explained I mixed up messages with other customer which enclosure was in fact ready, you told me I was lying all the time
16/09 - You asked for the tracking number, told me shipping a parcel is very easy, questioned my ability to ship, remembered how much you paid for shipping, told me I’m taking days for God knows what.

At this point, you requested an inmediate solution and I had no solution for you, the enclosure was/is still being manufactured, I couldn’t magically finish the prototype, make the mold, test fit it and ship the same day, so my only option was to send you a refund so you can place the order later when I have the mold ready and then I could focus on the design/manufacturing without such a huge pressure from your side.

I’m not going to post what you wrote after nor any screenshot coversations, that’s not the point of my reply and it’s not me at all.

BTW, accusing me of using my dying uncle with cancer as an excuse for not shipping an enclosure, sorry but this was too much.

Again, I’m sorry for the delays but things are the way they are, there are no liers here. If you still need the enclosure I friendly offer you to place the order and I’ll ship it as soon as it’s ready, I’m not a resentful person, otherwise I respect your choices.


I wasn’t that hungry to know what happened tbh.

But I find that this hobby is unique in the fact that the stuff that you order (especially when it’s up to @eBoosted level quality) will take a significant amount of time to complete. This is because a lot of the venders are just one-man operations. They don’t have a workforce behind them who can cover the operation if they need time off or are sick.

It’s possible that companies like Amazon have spoiled us with 2-day order fulfillment, but we need to remember that the venders here could never manage to have that kind of distribution.

I have found that it is the best practice to think about future mods that you want, and order the parts in the winter or spring so that you can complete you build for the summer.


Who the fuck flagged my reply and why?

As I said I was waiting as much as he wanted, but then he (mistakenly) told me its done and then few days later that its not done, and he didn’t say he mistaken me for someone else, at that point it took it as a lie and bullshitting obviously.
The entire situation would have ended fine if he would have told me right away that he made a mistake, I would understand that no problem.
I had made mistakes when doing business myself and one day had 5 people ordering stuff and I ended up sending battery to wrong address (previous customer), shit happens.

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Sorry but this is stupid.
10days is nothing in this hobby the only 2 people that have shipped next day after my order is Anubis and trampa all the rest is a waiting game. Eboosted was actually really fast imo about a week and thats really good on a made to order item.

I can totally see why he didn’t go with that offer
“I told him that he can send me the presumably smaller enclosure and if I can fit my stuff it’s sorted and if it doesn’t fit he sends me the updated one”

Who the hell would risk their reputation by sending an enclosure with known issues out when there is a fix in the works. I think its great that he stopped making them right away to make this update instead of just telling the customer to sand it a bit themselves.

Hats of to Alan for the art he makes. They are also way stronger than ABS I have slammed my enclosure on sooo many stones and I just have a small chip of the gealcoat missing an ABS enclosure would have cracked or bent (crushing the internals) a long time ago.


How many times I have to say that wait time for manufacturing wasn’t the problem?
And if he would send me the enclosure he said is faulty then obviously I wouldn’t blame him for anything.

Thread will be locked and anything else to discuss I will talk to Alan on PM.
Please do not post anything there when it’s not locked yet.

Ok. I feel like we can all come to a solution here. I HAVE the exact enclosure you’re after. It’s beautiful. I had @eBoosted make it for me over the summer. He was great with communication and delivered in a timely fashion. I’ve been around for a bit so I’m used to how long things take. Not saying you’re not. I have no comment on this transaction as I don’t know everything.
My build is stalled and I don’t need it atm. I would be willing to sell to you straight up. I will then buy another from Alan later this year when the need is there again.
This way, you have what you’re looking for and we can put this all to bed. Plus I can maybe get the 21700 one if I need. Everyone wins?