[UK/(will consider EU shipping)] WTS Trampa Deck, Eboosted SS Enclosure, Sabre Blades

[UK] WTS Trampa Deck, Eboosted SS Enclosure, Sabre Blades

Trampa HS11 14 PLY Deck
HS11 deck, unused, grip tape removed. Decided to buy for a project (hence the Eboosted enclosure) however the weather is so bad in the UK, I have decided to go for a trampa build with their deck with cable grooves.

Looking for £150

Eboosted SS Enclosure
Eboosted SS Enclosure, see above for reasoning for sale.


Sabre Dynamics Deck Wings
Not actively looking to sell but if it makes the package more appealing then I will.



If only it wasnt 14 ply, I would have taken it :joy: good luck with the sale man!


Why!? Why ?! Single Stack… :stuck_out_tongue: My heart start beating 160rpm when I read Ebosted enclosure, do you maybe have double stack around ? :smiley:

No DS unfortunately. The original idea was to swap between Euruthanes and pneumatics hence why I went for SS.

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Deck and Blades sold. Enclosure still for sale!

Bump. Will consider shipping to Europe. Avoid long lead time from eBoosted!

When he has an enclosure already in stock it’s literally just 2 day international shipping. Pricey, but fast :smiley:

But yes, reuse & recycle, someone buy this man’s enclosure!

He took 2 weeks plus 5 days international shipping for me so maybe I’m just an unlucky one

Is this still for sale ?

Only the deck and wings mate

How much do you want for it shipped to the netherlands ?

I’ll take £130 plus shipping.