[UK] Hummie Carbon Street Build 110mm wheels New Lower Price £800

For sale my beloved Street Board built for speed and carving. So sad, moving overseas soon so need to start clearing out everything. Built by myself with the utmost care. This board has been modded and refined over the last year to almost perfection. Recently serviced, thread locked all bolts and checked everything.

Battery has approx 80 cycles with plenty of life left fully balanced with no issues. The Maytech motors and trucks were upgraded in February this year so are in excellent condition. Truck hangers are Boardnamics 220mm with Caliber 2 baseplates. I upgraded to the Tourqueboard 110 wheels last September and are still in excellent condition no chuncking, many many miles left. Hummie deck is what it is, dropped concave, wide, long, strong just right.

I have kept 2x 4.12 ESCs which run independently of each other. They have never let me down and the board flys up hills no problems so I’ve never needed to find another. I use a mini remote which has always been good to me. The new owner could possibly upgrade the remote to a VX2 or even change the ESC but I feel there is no need. Along with the board i will add some extras as detailed below, the additional set of pulleys gives the option to change to ABEC style wheels. Also included is a pair of Idlers Belt tensioner if you want to even more traction. I’ve not needed this.

Price: £1000 open to offer
— PRICE DROP NOW £900----
— PRICE DROP NOW £800----

Top Speed: 28-30mph
Range: 15 miles
Battery: 10S4P 30Q 432Wh with Bestech BMS
Deck: Concave Hummie Carbon Fibre Deck 10 inch Wide 40 inch long
Enclosure: Fibre Glass Enclosure Big Ben
Motors: Sealed Maytech 6355 190KV
Wheels: 110mm Torque Board Wheels
Trucks: Boardnamics 220mm CNC Precision Truck Hangers with Calibre 2 Baseplates
ESC: 2 X Turnigy VESC based 4.12s running independently of each other’s
Adjustable Mounts with 3x Cross Bars
15 teeth steel motor pulley, 36 teeth aluminium Kegel style wheel pulley
15mm Belts- no slippage pure traction
Basic Bluetooth transmitter (use Akmaniac app)
Mini Remote
4 amp Charger (full charge in 2.5 hours)

2 X Extra Belts standard length for existing setup
2 X Extra longer belts
2 X ABEC style wheel pulleys 36teeth, switch out the wheels to any ABEC core wheels
Bag of various bushings including a few Riptide
Bag of spare bolts (motor, enclosure and others)
2x Optional idlers for mounts as seen in the pic
Set of Slime Bearings
Extra cross brace

Based in UK Birmingham, possible delivery UK/Europe


Looks dope! I am looking for a board, but it is quite a bit off my budget. If things get really desperate, i can get it for 750, but im sure someone will get it before that.

Squeeze off the extra 250 if you can, that there is a veritable bargain. If I were in the UK, I’d be giving this some serious consideration.


Yeah, its just that i am already pushing it at 750. Adding 250 pounds more is just about adding one more of my salary to my skateboard budget (after rent food and bills). People in the UK be like chill with their average 2k salaries, meanwhile, i cant afford the good stuff with my Bulgarian 500 pound salary :smiley:


I am open to offers, if anyone is serious :smile: ) send a message.

Anyone considering this should hurry. This is a great deal on a sweet and fully worked out board.


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Just quick question I have the inside adjustable cross bar did you make the outside ones or were they purchased image

It’s the same as the inside one all 3 are the same from dicky

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Bump and time for a price drop

NOW £900 open to offers

I’m relocating and this needs to go soon :frowning:

If you don’t have it sold by the last day before moving, I will be here. :smiley:

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I would have made an offer, but I’m in Australia. Awesome build mate. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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For anyone looking, I’m buying it. Offer accepted.