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[UK] Focbox, remote, charger & truck for sale

Hey all,

Bit of backstory, I originally posted on about a month ago selling some old parts, but haven’t been on for a while. Was starting to think the scene was dead :joy: (Do enertion/Jason still manage the forums? A banner/redirect would have helped!)

Either way I’m shifting some old stuff for clearance. Flexible on price! Open to EU shipping but would prefer UK purely for hassle.

I have for sale:

  • Barely used Focbox, maybe 10 miles on it £100 + shipping
  • Completely unused torqueboards replica truck (I ordered two and only used one) £20 + shipping
  • LiPo charger, up to 4s. £15? + shipping
  • Generic RC trigger remote & receiver, forgotten what brand. Never had a problem it, no dropoffs. Maybe hobbyking? £15? + shipping

More high quality pictures on my original post, but here’s the gist of it.


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Need to have prices listed on this forum. Good luck with sale.


Please post prices. Prices, pics and location are required for all for sale threads. Thanks


Free shit :heart_eyes:



£100 for focbox
£20 for single truck

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Interested in the mini remote depending on price?

Sorry all, didn’t see the price requirement. Updated with prices!


Focbox still available?

Yep :slight_smile: