[Uk] Exway Flex Riot 850km on odometer

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Exway flex riot

Comes with original wheels as well as 105mm clouds, I have treated it very well and the 12s 250wh battery can still keep up with the range (7/10 miles 85kg lad, cloud wheels and always on gear 4)

It has cnc washers on the kingpin, front and back bump protection, standard charger and obviously remote. I loved this board, so easy to ride and smooth.
All the money are going towards the mountainboard, and a bit towards my Riptide R1 Frankenstein

Ship to Uk only due to battery. If you know a good shipping service for international and you want the board I’ll happily consider it.

Needs to go to a good owner, this was my first board and i care about it :smiley:

Price is missing

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Just realized it. Is 410, offers accepted. Trying to edit the post now, can’t find the option :sob:

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I have a good credit score tho :rofl::rofl:


gbp i would assume. Not everyone wants their countries currency.


Yes sir