[UK/EU] [WTS] Used and New Parts Sale - Hummie Deck/Enclosure Combo, Bergmeister Hubs and GBOMB Brackets

All items except the GBOMB brackets are taken from this build put together in January this year. Board didn’t see much riding due to a combination of health issues/it being my first board and my uncertainty as to what my riding needs would be.

Hummie Deck + Single stack Big Ben enclosure.

Deck is routed for 12s4p 40T Battery Capacity (Painted black w/ spraymax 2K finish) and drilled for single stack BigBen fiberglass enclosure (screws and spacers included) from this build - 🖼 Pictures and Nothing Else! - #4405 by Geo_Engineering_FTW underside pic -

£120 £90 + postage SOLD

AT & Street Drive Train. 2 x Boardnamics 220 Hangers + 2 x Caliber 2 purple baseplate (44/50 degree) + 2 x Dicky Ho AT (with idlers) and 2 x Street Motor Mounts + 2 x Flipsky Battle Hardened 6374 170kv Motors (with extended wires) - will chuck in some belts and motor pully’s if interested.

£190 + postage & packaging SOLD

Bergmeister hubs, wheel pulley’s (2 x 55T Original Berg Pullys’ and 3 x 60T 3d Printed Pulley’s), haggy inner tubes and tyres. 4 original Bergmeister hubs, 6 brand new/unused Bergmeister tyres, 5 used/slightly worn Berg tyres (perfectly useable), 18 haggy inner tubes, set of anti-puncture spacers (to fix the puncture issues known on this setup).


One of the Pulley’s is chipped - i bought them with this blemish - and they have ridden perfect the whole time ive had them despite this.
Package includes 3 x 60T 3d printed pulleys in addition to the 2 x Berg 55T pulleys.

£150 + P&P SOLD

GBOMB Brackets set. Standard Drop Down and Super Duper Fork. Saddest of all to sell these brand new/never used Gbomb brackets. Bought for a build inspired by this, which never happened for various reasons.

£180 + postage & packaging £160 + P&P SOLD



Fuck. Just ordered a couple of sets of Bergs from Taiwan for significantly more than that :tired_face:

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I thought they were not being sold anymore.

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Not wishing to derail but…

…and OP is making a much more attractive offer here.


Maybe i need to rethink the price then lol


Still got the g bombs?


I will take all of your inner tyres if the are still available


Do you still have the drivetrain?

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Yes, will DM you.

Hi, I’d prefer to keep it all together as a Berg package, might not sell the Hubs/tyres etc if im out of inner tubes.

Yes, I will DM you.

Motors only - possible? If so, what price? :slight_smile:

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someone is interested in the drivetrain, will let you know if that sells. will give it a few days and get back to you.

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Drilled Hummie + Enclosure price drop.

I take the whole Berg package.

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So wish I wasn’t broke😭

Hi is any of this still available? I’m interested in the drivetrain and wheels.

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DM please, I see motors are out but I might be interested in the deck, let’s talk :wink: