Trampa's inconsistent products

I’ve had these trucks for about 10 months and i’ve put about 1500 miles on them. When I was removing my geardrives for regular maintenance, the axle just came with it…

Lesson learned: watch your grub screws kids


@Trampa ur thing broke


Lol what do you mean not broken, they should be fixated with a grub screw.

Ohh I realize what went wrong. I thought the grub was still in there but super small and recessed. Turns out it did fall out

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Does anyone make different size axles for Trampa trucks?

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Grub screws for axels :face_vomiting:


I put da grub back in with some blue loctite

You misspelled @Trampa

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Would like to know as well


i remember them saying the grub screws were there to hold the axles in place while the glue/threadlocker set

Just wanted to update with my experience with trampa support. They immediately offered me a new hanger, but then a different customer service agent took over our conversation, said they wouldn’t be sending me a new truck and that IT WAS NORMAL FOR THE AXLE TO COME LOOSE OVER TIME.

I don’t care about them not replacing the truck as I probably fixed the issue, but axles falling out is NOT normal.


In the factory the axles are press fitted into the undersized hanger + glued and then secured with the additional grub screw.
If the grub screw vibrated itself loose, you might get a tiny bit of play and over time the axle glue can suffer a bit and things can ultimately become loose. The axle can easily be re-inserted with Loctite 348 and the grub screw tightened down again with blue Loctite. This should be an easy fix.

It is, which is why I already fixed it. My issue here is your CS telling me 2 very different things and claiming that axles get loose over time. This isnt true for any other vendor. Axles are permenantly installed and are not supposed to be easily removable. I couldve gotten seriously hurt at carvePDX because of your poor definition of wear and tear.


i think u meant threadlocker


Oh there’s no way this is true btw. The axle slid in an out so easily. It felt like one of those very satisfying videos where precision parts slide in perfectly


That is what happens over time, when a bit of play and vibrations widen the bore by a few hundreds.

This happened to my BN axle when I just BARELY cross-threaded an axle nut. Shit was super weird and annoying. Had to ruin the axle threads to get the nut off and replace the axle.

(but it’s my fault for using blue loctite)

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Yeah with red theyre borderline impossible to remove

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that’s kinda why I didn’t want to use red :thinking::man_shrugging:

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Do you plan on ever removing the axles tho? You can always remove them by torching them for a while with the red loctite