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trampa vs metr ecosystem - comparison and your thoughts


so, I’ve been living in the Metr ecosystem for a few years.

I got used to:

  • having nice dashboards I can customize with more realtime data than I could ever need
  • record my rides and then view them in the browser by sharing URL
  • records have all the metrics
  • set parameters in expert mode (which are not categorized and the search is buggy)
  • have presets/modes (which I hate, you set only certain variables, not everything)
  • records start automatically, can be paused, stopped, merged.
  • lifetime faults

now I’d like to know more about the “trampa” way of using things (I kinda feel like comparing android vs apple :smiley:)

can you do the same with android mobile vesc tool?
is there anybody who uses both and has some insight?


Once you get the hang of the vesc tool it takes seconds to change values on all vescs connected. Even though it’s very much backwards navigating through everything, once you’re inside the menu of a running vesc it’s quite nicely arranged in sub-categories.
You can potentially connect even with a £3 nrf chip and some soldering skills.
Now, a big update is promised, i don’t know if the changes will be focused on quality of life but there’a hope at least.
You can record rides, but you can open them only on vesc tool windows.
If you treat it as a companion app right now, you’re better off with metr. If you want an utilitarian app to change any and all settings, remove the need of a computer, vesc tool is good.
It also works with the vesc wand and maybe other bluetooth enabled remotes too, so you’re left with 1 uart port free for metr or davega


Flashing a Flipsky NRF dongle with trampa FW also works well

for wand users

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I thought it’s called vesc tool app and not trampa app :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Shhhhhh… don’t say the V word, you’ll get harassed by he who shall not be named :wink:


I think the flashing process only takes into account the nrf chip model and internal flash memory, not the brand

Yes any same model NRF chip will work.

Most common in the wild are the flipsky ones though.

Dont know if you have any benefit from flashing trampa ble fw if you are not using a wand

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What is this damn “trampa ble fw” and why did i never see it?
As far as i know it’s just the bluetooth firmware

Exactly, just the fw. It’s in the swd tab

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so as I can see, I’ll have to have both to get all the features :smiley:

I just wanna know when the official vesc app will remember my vesc. Every time I connect I have to race to select my vesc in a rapidly changing extremely long list of bluetooth devices. Easily the most frustrating thing about the app.

@Trampa please tell ben

@Deodand please bring the stormcore app to android


I agree that there are some low hanging quality of life improvements that should be brought to the app. Of course it’s always a juggling act but I think the Bluetooth list is a good low effort high payout item.

Just as Frank says there are always so many different ideas that would be really awesome to execute on and we are always trying to identify which gives the most output for time put in. I agree getting the SC app onto android would be great. It’s not easy to find a dev that’s as passionate as @sofu so some patience is needed but we will get there.


Front end improvements are definitely on everyones list.

When it comes to finding your board: give it a name and it will be easy to spot.
Ideally named devices should be listed by number or alphabetical sort order.
01_my _board then lists top.
Personally I would prefer named devices to pop up in a quick connect screen. You open the app and the list is straight in your eyes, ready for connection.

IMO devices should be listed in the order they are discovered, The reason why its currently hard to select the correct board is because the list moves whilst your trying to select something. Inserting a newly discovered “01_my _board” at the top of this list just as your about to make a different selection doesn’t solve the problem.


Problem comes when i want to connect to a guy’s board to change some settings he asked me to, i click scan, see my board upfront, then minimum 50 bluetooth devices mixed with 6-7 “VESC BLE UART” boards on there. Now, which one is it? Should i really ask everyone else to turn their boards off for 1 minute?
I changed the name of the smart bms bluetooth and now it says “daniel’s bms” even on the damn microwave, why can’t vesc do something similar?

Because that’s a industry standard and frank dose not believe in any ones ideas unless he came up with it first other wise it’s just stupid and a wast of time. Or he convenutly announces a unique idea sevral months after string of convocations about the same thing.

Rember all Trampa products are heavily tested and work flawlessly. All faults have been declared user issues by Trampa.


Maybe you could look into the low hanging fruit to have the device name stored on the controller side, so that Ron’s board pops up as Ron’s board in any VESC Tool App that tries to connect.