Trampa VESC 6 MKIV, looking for feedback

I am looking to buy 2 Trampa VESC 6 MKIV, does anyone own one and provide their feedback.

I would like to know how they are holding up and handle, and how long you had the VESC. Let me know if you got sensorless motors and what the size of your battery pack you’re using.

Trampa VESC comes with auto-shutoff and hibernation mode and want to know if you’re using this feature and if you trust it with your battery pack always plugged in, even for long-term storage.

I owned a Flipsky ESC and it blew up after 3 rides, so I am in need for a VESC and trying to sit on my hands and not make a impulsive purchase. This was my first DIY build and the gut punch I got from Flipsky has left me not being able to even trust this industry. I actually feel stupid to even get into this hobby because it was super expensive to buy everything and make the build, only to have to buy more and no enjoy the hobby.

Yes I own two of them. However since the board I’m building is highly customized and pulling in materials takes awhile, it won’t be completed until December.

Based on lots of reviews and that the VESC6 designed by Vedder himself, you can pretty much guarantee very good reliability and quality despite its high price.

Tampa support has been pretty good, I emailed them directly for any questions and setup in the past and they got back to me quickly.

Best of luck for your build and make sure to read though everything and the documentation (it’s kind of messy).


I’m so fancy I own TWO! :rofl:

They’re great, zero issues.


Dont have mk verision but have 6x vesc6 running and ive only broken and repaired One in like… 3 years? And im pretty sure it was user fault (me)


Here’s the 2 VESC 6. Beautiful piece of electronics. Will test them on sensorless (I prefer more) and sensored motors. Waiting for my larger custom motors to arrive.


Funny enough, I original put two because I need have a dual setup, how long have you had your for?

Make sure to test them with a real load, otherwise it’s not a test. I suggest a load around of 170lbs would be good.

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I’ve been running the same pair of VESC 6, first versions, MK nothing for more than 3 years in three different builds

While people disagree on Trampa posture and all that, and that they definitely are expensive, they probably are the ones with the lowest failure ratio of all escs on the market


I’m putting a set of these in my personal flux motion build. And in my customer’s FM build which is nearly identical.

Guess we’ll find out.

I’m using a 200 amp eswitch. I want that shit off when i tell it to turn off.

Take a look at the makerX DV6 and the Stormcore 60D also.


Around 6 months.

And why do you need a separate eswitch for that?

Hey dude,. I messaged you over on the scary forum. glad you made it. I actually dont know which version of VESC i have, but I know I have had them for 2 years and they have been putting away miles with 0 issues the entire time.

Definitely the most reliable part of my build

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Also here MK nothing, running flawlessly but only with FW 3.xx, FW4 is a desaster, never tried FW5+.


Hi friend nice to see you again, over from the scary forums?? lol, you guys need to stop hating Jason man!

I’ve been exchanging emails with David at Trampaboards, he’s been great with giving me the info and answered all my questions and follow ups and I feel super confident with making a purchase now. I’ve interacted with David in the past resolving problems with my purchase. So this is not like me sending a random email, I gave him a hard time before and he was still good with me.

Now I just need to wait till spring, too cold to ride my 1st DIY build :frowning: … It’s more about the warranty, I don’t want to lose out during the winter months. Also maybe something else might come out in the new year or a big sale :pray: who knows?

It is so hard for me NOT to pull the trigger, but after the gut-punch with what happen with Flipsky ESC blowing up after 3 rides and me holding the loss, never again with that trash company.

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Flipsky has its place. For 10s and low stress and low budget environments it’s a suitable.option

I don’t hate Jason. But that forum is empty. And I’m pretty sure half the new threads are his own alt accounts

If you’re considering alternatives I highly recommend @torqueboards Dexter and his v6 ESCs as well as a stormcore 60D.

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Thanks, I am just going with the real deal, a Trampa VESC and never have to worry about this again or having to ride gentle. I also trust the company to take care of any issues should there be a failure with their product. Plus I am supporting Benjamin Vedder, so that is good to know. I hate all the cheap China clone companies with their sub-par components and bs specs stealing other people’s intel.

I didn’t mean you personally hating Jason, just a few in the community that need to grow up. I did read the thread on Focbox and yes it took a turn for the worst. I feel his frustration and having lost everything he worked for.


Ya know I wish this were different. I think I understand why Vedder “hides” behind Trampa. It provides a buffer between him and his work and the somewhat volatile community. But I also wish Trampa weren’t so gatekeeper ish about it. And I could support Vedder more directly b buying any and all vesc based products

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I think it’s the up cost investment into building semiconductors pipeline etc and maybe he doesn’t want the headache of running a company, dealing with supply / logistic problems and dealing with client issues all day long or people management in his company.

Just maybe he loves the freedom of doing his research and being well off and not a millionaire.

I guess if you really want to support him directly just buy his VESC Tool or send him a donation :smiley:


I purchased the platinum tool and donated. I simply feel he deserves “royalties”.

I agree with your assessment on why Vedder chooses it to be this way. All those reasons make sense to me.
I would probably want the same thing. Less revenue, but still plenty in exchange for less stress? Sounds like a decent deal.

There’s a discussion somewhere else on here where @Trampa is having to defend the whole VESC trademark thing. People get so pissy about it it’s just sad. Some guy is swearing off Trampa gear because of it. Same guy probably owns Apple , nike, bought a Chiquita banana or 100 million.other brands from companies that have literally sank entire countries into 3rd worldome in defense of a brand and product. And yet Frank making sure his trademark gets enforced is a problem.

I also found it very adorable that he invested 10k into Vedder and thinks that’s a lot lol. Maybe I misunderstood but that’s the cheapest engineer I’ve ever heard of. That’s like maybe 100 hours of engineering time

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Same here about living a low stress live :smiley: … I got saw that thread.

Also not sure what Benjamin deal is with Trampa is and I hope they are paying him well.

I am sure that angry person would be pissed off about free open source software having bugs too, haha,

VESC is a trademark, it needs to be defended for the creator himself. This other angry person/people are actually supporting scummy companies stealing what Benjamin Vedder has done and on top of it piggy-backing off his VESC Tool he open source and didn’t put in something to block all the shady companies hardware using it and just stealing his work. So this guy and his type are complete ungrateful moron, to them I say go, please leave.

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Is it possible to pair Trampa VESC’s to each other for communication? Or do they operate completely independently of each other?