Trampa Holy pro 35 carve and whitepony enclosure

Trampa Holy pro 35 Carve deck 16ply Almost like new got 100m on it from the previous owner

Selling cause I am building a pure offroad board and this wont fit my EBoosted enclosure 100%


Whitepony Carbon enclosure Extremely light compared to my EBoosted enclosure. Fits a 12s4p (with a narrow BMS 50mm wide) 20700b cells if you have the ESC top mounted and a 10s4p 20700b cells if you want to have the esc in the case. Fitment seems spot on

3D printed 20700 cells (pic belongs to previous owner)


Everything is located in Malmö, Sweden but can ship world wide at buyers expense but US shipping is 80€ (what our postal service charges not my ‘‘proffit’’) as a heads up, Payment thru PayPal :slight_smile:


Didn’t you post this already multiple times?

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Clearly you already know the answer to that question so kinda pointless and a odd question. But to make it clear then, sold everything ells so made a new thread. Asked to have the old one removed so there was less confusion on what was still for sale. btw this was posted one time before not multiple times.


That enclosure should be in an esk8 museum. Piece of history.


Enclosure Shipping to Canada would come to how much?

You guys have an esk8 museum in Canada?! SICK!


@Sender I’ve been thinking of being crazy and adding an enclosure to my board for a secondary battery pack


Just to be sure I get it, So that deck isn’t an off-road deck, right?
It’s like a Trampa street deck.


It’s a trampa street carver. Less wide than regular emtb boards


Also slightly shorter wheelbase and taller ride height.

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Like the others said slightly different but can probably be ridden off-road to but my EBoosted enclosure wont fit it so had to buy a new HS11 :slight_smile: Got the unbreakable guaranty so no worries if it would crack :joy:

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Postal carrier charges 72€ :slight_smile:

Can do 165€ on both :slight_smile:

Dang man, if the shipping was not so ridiculous to us I would be all over this

yea I hate our postal provider… Ridiculous expensive and destroys or losses your shit :joy:

Hi @fallingdown is this still for sale?
Any estimate on shipping to Finland?

Still available :slight_smile: 160€ for both. Found a new way to get better shipping prices within EU so will gladly check it if anyone is interested.

Hi, still wondering about shipping to east coast USA? Might that be a possibility?

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Still avail?

Errmmmmm… you want to build a ‘pure offroad’ board and you are putting an undermount enclosure on it??


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