Trampa Helicals v. EToxx Helicals

Here is my review of trampas gear drive with helicals compared to the etoxx gear drive also with helicals. I own both at the moment and have abused both to the point where I can give an honest review. Also looking at mostly positives given that both drives are very well made. Also, Trampa and Jenso are amazing support when your need them, even if you dont buy their products they will help you :grimacing:

Trampa Helical Drive: - Please ignore the bad filming and just try to listen :slight_smile:

  • Able to use 9in hubs
  • Comes with rock guard
  • Carbon mounting panels are slightly lighter
  • Just as loud as their straight cut gears (louder than belt drive)
  • Less resistance when costing compared to belts

ETOXX Helical Drive:

  • SUPER SILENT (much quieter than a belt drive)
  • Needs MACHINED trampa truck
  • Almost no resistance when costing(did I mention no sound? :slight_smile: )
  • Easier to install (maybe this is just me :smiley: )
  • 8in hubs only
  • More ground clearance compared to trampa
  • no motor guard(I like it because it makes the whole drive appear smaller)
  • V-ring keeps dust out and seems to fit and seal better than trampas - Again, try to ignore the camera man’s filming skills(not focused on the drive most of the time)…just to get an idea of the sound and torque this little drive makes.

In the end, IMO E-Toxx has taken the win. Trampas drive and products are all very well made with very durable and good looking materials, but things could still be improved in the way of noise and size.

The extra ground clearance that the ETOXX drive is a game changer for me; someone who constantly rides over large gravel which always used to bottom out on both of Trampas drives(gear and belt). I was also looking for a silent ride with the helicals and got just that with ETOXX.

Thank you @Trampa and @NoWind for providing the community with such amazing quality products, and thank your both for promoting the DIY way of Eboarding :slight_smile:

Stay safe everyone.


Thank you for this sharing !!
As I can’t test the Trampa one, it’s a cool to read about it and see it in action :+1:

I was also completly stocked by the no sound of my 1st ride with them too :open_mouth: Insane !!!

(I know, I good too for filming ^^ )

Nice write up

I was expecting them both to be quiet. Do you see anything obvious on the Trampa to make it noisier? Teeth pitch diference? Worst alignment since it’s not machined?

Not sure what it is, but trampa’s is louder when costing for sure…the gears look almost identical to Jenso’s but just a slight bit bigger…maybe thats it

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Good job thanks for the thoughtful article.

Maybe there is some silence tips to come from @Trampa or even improvements in the pipeline

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Probably alter the helix angle?

Why this for the etoxx? Just get megastar or cnc hubs from 3DServisas for 9“ and you could mount them as well. Or do I miss something? With the Megastars you might need truck extensions maybe.

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It is not. The normal e-toxx gear drive can fit 9" wheels as can also the mini drive.
The difference is the mini only goes up to 5:1 gearing (40:8) which is too long for 9" wheels whereas the maxi drive can be had with (50:8) 6:25 gearing which is perfect for 9".


…than 4WD mini… what a questioned :roll_eyes::joy:


Bad, bad Andy…


@Slemhi could you upload your picture (also in your sale thread) again. It just displays a white field.

If it’s just a problem of my phone, than ignore that comment :sweat_smile:


9" are usually wider and you can’t easily mount them on a system designed for 8". The axle is simply not long enough. The 9" Megastar is designed differently and will therefore fit in combination with our drives.
We matched the parts to allow 8" and 9" hubs on the very same drive.

Trampa Gears are designed with a 1:6 reduction (more is always better). In general straight cut gears have advantages over helicals, since you can transfer more torque. Helical gears only touch in one sliding point, so contact in between material is limited (therefore less noise). Straight cut gears have contact over the entire width of the gear and there is less pressure on the POM gear material, since the pressure is is distributed over a larger surface area. Racing cars have straight cut gears for a reason…
Another thing that needs to be considered: Helicals create a side thrust. The higher the angle, the more silent, the more side thrust, which puts strain on the motor and wheel bearings.
Every coin has two sides…
To catch the sideway oriented loads we have two extra bearings in our system.

I might cut some silent gears for the ones wanting silence over performance.
We can offer them at a reasonable price as an upgrade kit.


That’s why i said that with 9“ you might need truck extensions.
There as well other cnc hubs with superstar/megastar bolt pattern available which make 9“ wheels fit the regular infinity truck. The rim simply is hanging over the shaft (don’t know the English explanation for it, but the of the shaft sits inside the rim).
I have those and they work great without need of any truck extension.
I don’t have megastar 9“ hubs unfortunately, so maybe that’s the case there too.


Unfortunately the wider 9" rim is hanging over the shaft on both sides (to the inside and outside). On the inside you have your drive and that can’t be pushed further to the inside because of some factors like clearance, gap in between motors, truck shape etc.
It’s not a hot swap solution for many drives out there.
We designed our drives to allow an easy swap in between 6.5 to 9" wheels.


afaik, helicals gears are used widely in the industry, like for gearboxes from cars.

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Yes Helicals = quieter but not good for torque transfer - so great for a normal car.

A racear would have straight cut gears because you dont care about the noise, you want that transfer efficiency


Where can just the gears be acquired for the etoxx setup? My emtb trampa came with them installed with the 80mm APS motors and I have been LOVING. This thing! But last night I came to a rather quick stop, low speed luckily, and dig into the gears in the parking lot, to find the set screw had came off of the motor shaft and gotten wedges in the wheel gear. I got itnout and rode the 4ish miles home with no issues. But that set screw was imbedded in the gear, so I know it’s a lot weaker and figure should prob do some replacing soonish

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Ask @NoWind


You can get Jens mail here


I looked over the site, maybe I just didn’t notice since I’m on mobile, but was looking for the 10/50 tooth count. I didn’t realize @NoWind was who I needed to talk to though :grin: I’ll shoot a pm now though. Thanks guys!