Trade unity for vesc6 wtt

Trading a focbox unity(coming in a couple of weeks) for a vesc6 from trampa

Unity will be coming soon and will wait till then for the trade

Just that I have one vesc6 so need another to make a set

Thank you in advance

These are items of different value. The unity is about 80 euro less than the vesc 6, not to mention the ‘scandal’ of the unity, which has been highlighted multiple times in both forums and is known to affect about 5-10% of production units. @Boardnamics has a VESC6 for sale, so maybe contact him. But please, at the very least, please, PLEASE, proofread your posts so that they are atleast coherent.


Scandal? Gimme the MF tea.

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Long story short, some of the unities from any batch have been experiencing an abs_overcurrent fault for seemingly no apparent reason, when at heavy speed and/or acceleration, resulting in people being thrown off of their board. It’s occured on multiple different setups (ranging from high KV to low KV, 10s to 12s), and has negatively affected many individuals such as @Murloc992 and I believe @Boardnamics. It’s being actively worked on by @deodand but no official solution yet.


Several other people too. Total I could count was 12.

Some cases extremely severe.

Including @mackann from bioboards.


That’s a major L, didn’t know that was going on. Also, that’s a pretty severe error right? It happened to me once due to improper setup and I took a pretty bad spill. :grimacing:

How are they different prices they both are are around £225

And the unity is dual for anyone who wants to upgrade

Don’t worry. I am in the same boat, which means a hardly sellable VESC…

Most likely going to swallow the 400€ loss and just use VESC6. Unless they fix it, then just gonna sell the Unity.

Deodand is pretty much fixing to raise the value for people who ain’t gonna step on a board with that shit in it.

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Yeah just a 6 months ago one would have gone for £300

Don’t get me riled up on the “first batch lowest special price that you will never see again”. :slight_smile:

Paid 400€. Now two are similar, ofc taxes still, but close enough. :smiley:

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Gosh, I was unsure how bioboards was affected by this. But to hear it’s happened to @mackann as well. Sheesh.

Severe error? yes
Properly awknowledged? no
Hotel? Trivago


You got your unity for 200. The vesc6 goes for 250 without shipping

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@PowadangaBoi has a knee completely totaled, there’s others with broken arms, etc. Mostly knees tho.



The 2019 version of ‘took an arrow to the knee’

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If you get a vesc6 in group buy it’s less

And the unity is £225 after tax vat Andy shipping

And not asking for a new one just one in good condition

Sadly you will have to wait. Unity sales posts will raise awareness, nothing else.


Yes I understand this, but given the market (and complete transparency) it’s unlikely to occur


Especially since a quarter of them belong to @halbj613


To be clear, the focbox singles have no issues right? Should still be safe for high power apps?


Yes for sure. The focboxes reliability and reputation are unchanged