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Track racing - setup and riding style

Track racing setup and riding style.

Weather is changing. Its track season again…

Last winter I had a thread on the builders forum named the same. I kept track of what I tried out of different setups and riding styles. I will continue that thread here. I have copied the the core of the thread on the builders forum on to this first post here. But if you want to see all the information visit the thread on builders.

Thread on builders forum

Go to second post here to get the new update from today.

EDIT: I tried to copy paste the core of the old thread. But it exceeded the character limit. I will figure out what to do with the old thread. For now you have to visit it on the builders forum.


First day on the track this season. I have booked track time every week from now and till spring. I have a lot I want to test, to get closer to the perfect track setup.

In february I left the track after I got a longer 44” deck, and had it with surf rodz rkp on belts and Moe’s race wheel.

The longer board was not good for my lap times.

This year I start off with same deck, 3-link trucks with krank bushings 80 in front and ? in back. I have the radius rods in the top holes which equals smallest turning radius. I have mounted a foot stop wedge.

After knocking off some track rust I slowly began to see speed again. But I was still a bit from the fastest I did last winter. Best lap last winter 36.29 sec. Best lap today 38.20.

The 3-link felt like a huge improvement over the rkp’s. There’s just something about the way they feel, that’s hard for me to describe. They have that feel you know… They made the turning easier and I didn’t have to move my front foot around as much as I did last winter.

The longer deck still seem to be a disadvantages for me. I just don’t get the same speed around corners as I did with the shorter deck. But on the shower deck I needed a little more length. So I will make myself a deck in between the old and current deck. But I think I will start by mounting everything on the previous deck till next week and see how that feel.

I have the esc’s (mamba xlx) set to 100 procent. I wanted to have them at 60% but couldn’t find my esc adaptor to make the change. The board as it was today definitely was to powerfull. I need it to be less torquey. It’s too sensitive on the throttle making the driving jumpy. But maybe it’s just a matter of me being better on the throttle. But I would like to be able to hammer the throttle knowing that I will not get to 50+ mph in a blink of an eye. That will make faster times as I dont have to “feel” the throttle every time I accelerating.

Good to back on the track and I look forward to test the hell out off it this winter.


60% power will make throttle management possible. It’s allows feathering up the throttle earlier coming off the corner.


What kind of deck was the 44?

where can I look into info on the 3-link racing trucks? I’m interested! @MoeStooge?

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I’m doing a run of these I hope to have some ready by the end of the month. I don’t have the cost laid out but I can put you on the inquiry list.


Please do! Very Interested!
I’m also interested in some wheels!!

Thanks @MoeStooge

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Dropping this


Any indicative costs mate?

Pending cnc plasma or water jet costs. I’d like to see a set of these with dual motor mounts at 350.


That video is crazy!

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A Red Ember Xapham


Todays session… “taming the beast”.

Last week I fund that the board was to agressive. It was dialed in for 50+ mph and agressive torque. So I limiteded the power to 50%. That takes me to 28mph and I can just slam the throttle without getting thrown off.

That helps a lot on the track. I don’t need to be carefull on the throttle anymore. Just slam it and go. That makes the acceleration faster, even though i’s actually slower. But I could use a little more speed on the straight. So I think I will bump it up to 60% power. Think I still will be able to control that.

Today I also realized that I can’t relay completely on my setup. Even though I got a very powerfull board I still need to put in the work. And this is really hard work. Lap times are only dropping when I put in the effort. Lean, push with the legs, shifting fast, look where I am going and very important, start the turns early so I hit the apex close to the barrier. I have been lazy with the turns and that gives me a bigger and slower turn.

When I concentrated and did the work, lap times were dropping and I got under 37 sec. again with the best time today being 36.86. Thats still 0.56 slower than the best lap last year.

The deck… Even though I was faster today, I will change back to my shorter deck. I feel the deck is too long. It feels like I need to put in more work on this board. I will change back and see if my gut instinct are right.

When I was on the shorter deck I felt that could be longer. So maybe a deck between the two. I have one in the works, so that will be tested later.


What’s the kv, voltage, and gearing you are using?

800kv. 8s. 1.5 gear. It’s the Stooge drivetrain.


or @davidbonde To do this (lower throttle to 50% or whatever you want ) are you just going and lowering motor amps on vesc or are you doing something under PPM under mapping or throttle curve?

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8s mamba xlx. 50% program power reduction would be the same as putting it on 4s. Forget vesc


As Moe says, I use the mamba Xlx on this setup. It has a different user interface. I can’t regulate amps and stuff. I can regulate power 0 - 100% what the esc does when I do that I don’t know.


Man u guys are like the black sheep of eskate doing everything 180 degrees from everyone else but leaving everyone in the dust


There is Amp limiting on th xlx We leave the ceiling high and rarely ever bump it.