Total Evolve Mod in under 5 minutes

I finally did it. I made a video of the entire process, start to finish. Its a whole five minutes of video since I slowed it down so you could see what i’m doing because usually it only takes 3 minutes to “just throw a new battery in there or something” according to some of the expert commenters on facebook.

you’re welcome.


That definitely needs to make it to some of the groups on Facebook.


Thats awesome! Excellent video! Definitely wish id made my battery a little differently.


feel free to share it around your socials. I’ll probably make more of these. People have been asking me to make videos of my stuff and I couldn’t think of a way to make it interesting. They would all be five hours long and tedious to edit.

but timelapses with dark hip hop and color burned vignettes could be the ticket.


That is one clean battery build, well done

Do you do the single layer of nickel with a wire at the end joining the P groups on all your batteries or just the Evolve since the current is lowish? I have always done the wire that join the P groups welded between each two cells, so almost no current goes through the nickel, it may have been a waste of time

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Phenomenal video and thank you for putting it in slow motion so our mortal eyes could process.

Good catch on fixing the white non balance wire :stuck_out_tongue: . Truly great work and an inspiration to see from start to finish.


i use 10mm x 0.15mm nickel on flat packs and usually just jump from between the last two cells. on my double stacks i use 25mm x 0.15mm and usually jump from somewhere in the center of the closest triangle to the end.


This is just great Damon. Thanks for making it. Amazing the labor involved. Oi vey. What is total time? 5 hours+?


I am going to slow it down and masturbate to it.

Dude, you would save a lot of time using this type of nickel


If u had all the time u wanted and all the coffé u wanted how many hours would it take u? 3-4 hours?

My first battery I did in 2 day’s.

yes but that would mean using fake nickel :laughing:. Too early?


Unlike @Lee_Wright ,suppliers fear my wrath so they don’t send me fake nickel :rofl:


You bribe them with goats @taz


I posted this on Reddit just saying this is how a proper pack gets made and the only reply was telling me how this isnt such a great battery build because of blah blah blah… pretty sure the dude that replied never has built a single battery pack and is always recommending the meepo. Ive yet to see one decent thing come from that subreddit. fucking Esk8 Reddit is for entertainment, not information.


@Bobby Isn’t he on here? Or are they 2 different anubis :thinking:

Edit: found the answer after some research. He is.

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One thing I noticed or maybe I missed it in the time lapse was the heat shrink going over the balance wires when they were already soldered to the evolve connector.


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Dunno. Don’t really care. It was more about pointing out the ridiculousness of reddit than what one guy said… but I believe you are right


its not spaced correctly for non-spacer-stacked cells. I used it briefly several months ago but i was wasting a lot of it by clipping it into shape and i just didn’t like using it because of that. Overall time savings for the entire pack was less than 15 minutes, so i just never went back when i ran out.

depending on the day, anywhere from 4 to 5 hours for the total job.

i lost some of the video to my phone being full. I actually had to stop this and dump my phone to dropbox, clear my phone, and start over. By the time i realized i had an error on my screen, i had already shrunk the entire pack and put it in the enclosure already. I had to back it all the way up, which meant tearing it down again and starting from close to where it left off. So, i missed more than half the balance leads. But i showed a few.

Reddit: A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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I just didn’t see any sliding up the heat shrink I just figured it was that magic that is stored in your hair.

On an unrelated note I just noticed I have a nickname


My bad, I linked the wrong type.
This is the one not for spacers.