Torqueboards Direct Drive Disassemble

does anyone have experience with disassembling Torqueboards Direct drives ?

i heard a clicking sound on 1 of my cans and thought it might be a loose magnet so i wanted to open them up to batle harden them.

i unscrewed the screws but could only get the kegel core adapter of.

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They are very difficult to open… I burned out a motor (being stupid), thought about re-winding it, and ended up just giving up and purchasing a new motor.

I heard you need to have a bearing puller or something, not exactly sure…


@torqueboards mentioned needing a special jig. Iirc it’s not worth the effort


For anyone who stumbles upon this topic when searching, the thread showing disassembly is this one:

Maybe this thread should be closed / merge the two together, dunno.


i still have a set of the TBDD with 50 miles on them. Had issues since day 1 and Dexter refused to do anything about it.

i would’ve paypal claimed his ass

I didn’t mount them early enough. too late.