Torqueboards customer service?

My only complaint is that he should at least be realistic with delivery promises. I’m assuming I’m not the only one he’s said “it should be ready by next week” multiple times to. That shit has been going on for several months in my experience. If he had just said “sorry man, won’t be ready for 6 months” I probably would’ve understood the situation. But the fact that he’s said it every 3-4 weeks that I ask is a little troublesome

Aside from that, his products are the best for the price and if there are any issues with said product, he does it right by the customer and usually resolves the problem.

And I will state that I did agree to withhold shipping on one of my orders so that everything could be shipped together.


… my god


@kadeanderson You ain’t seen nothing yet


Haha I’m just seeing what others are saying :grin: @StriateZebra


yeah, my battery has been in production since Feb, and the latest news I got was that TB still haven’t setup for shipping batteries out of USA yet, and yes, battery is waiting to finish production.

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Also a fan of torqueboards and my customer service experience has been at least 4 out of 5 stars…



I think Dex is just super busy, not that it’s any excuse. I had a battery issue back a couple months ago and he did send the balance cable I needed promptly, but mentioned how he’s gotta hire more employees because he’s swamped. =(


Dex shipped out my TB6’s this morn, I’m taking that as a sign that the TB40 enclosures did not arrive this week.

I’m really hoping that he can eventually get all the products out that he is trying to!

All that future stuff!! I need it!!!

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Yup he’s got TBVesc 6 he’s trying to wrap up too, lotta projects.

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I just got this. Now just gotta wait for the nickel that’s on its way on Aliexpress premium slow boat from China. If someone has 0.2x25mm or 0.2x30mm nickel for sale in the US, pls send me a PM :slight_smile:


Ooo Ooooo I can’t wait to see these goods. mmm.


Lol I wasn’t interested in reading that thread sorry I didn’t meet your expectations.

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You must be good luck because as soon as I read this post, I got a shipping notification from TB!


Damn guys months of wait with promise to ship next week is a bitch. It is probably better not to jump on preorders and only buy what’s in stock, unless you are aware of the extra unexpected wait time. That being said, does the inventory update in real time on the site?

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It’s hard to say, I emailed Dex with what I was interested in doing and he sent me an invoice. Waited about a month for it all to ship.

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Working on getting caught up to everything. Sorry for the delays.

We are working on resolving all of these issues to limit bottlenecks in the near future. This means limited responses to emails currently but we are still working as fast as possible to reach out to everyone.

Also have increased our team and working towards getting everyone up to speed.

@Chingiz failed flux linkage detection might be battery voltage is set incorrectly on VESC and/or low charge on your battery.


Dexie in da house yay :smiley:


Not sure exactly where to ask this, mods please remove if this isn’t it

A while back I received an automated coupon code via email for a previous purchase, and I was planning to use it with some new motors (those sweet 6380s and pulleys to match) but it shows as invalid now, there is no listed expiration date on the code :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: the guy is ontop of things, has been fully resolved!