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TorqueBoards Customer Service / RMA Wait Times

I am experiencing a pretty crazy time to replace or wait time to fix a set of 90kv’s that I was able to ride <1 mile before they failed.

In late August or maybe early September I bought a set of 90kv’s from @torqueboards, I waiting over a month for them to be shipped. When they arrived, I installed them, I went less than 1 mile before a motor issue.

I sent them back to Dexter on November 12th and he received them on November 15th or 16th, and since then I have not heard anything back except we’ll get to it ASAP. I have sent a handful of messages asking for a status update, zero response.

Are 2 month wait times the norm with them? Pretty crazy

(sorry if this is the incorrect sub cat, seems vendor issue’ish)

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lol :rofl: :exploding_head:

Just responded to your PM.


assure you, I’m not just piling up my TB issues, though it’s easy, but I just want some resolution on this

close this please, he PM’d me back to resolve finally

Resolution = me having to pay $150 for a replacement motor, and they won’t install replacement motor

Seems wildly insulting but okkkk, I am used to being insulted by him


Hopefully this thread will stay civil. My most recent experience has been good, as have all my other interactions with Dexter and Torqueboards. I have heard recently that the wait time for some items and customer service response has been below par.

My most recent order was on black Friday for a full dual drive mechanical kit. It came very quickly as expected, with all the correct parts. No issues there, I built it for my friend, and now he’s on the road.

I think sometimes they have parts go out of stock, but then don’t update their website. I haven’t had to deal with any customer service from them recently, but it used to be really good. I know everyone likes to blame covid for their company problems but I don’t really know what the state of their team is right now, maybe they’re partly in office, partly at home. Who knows.

Not much we can do except hope that it gets better


we can close this one, I literally just wanted an answer on this after waiting 2 months

either way, won’t reply further

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Damn 150$ to replace a 1 mile drive.
Eovan sent me 2 new drives for free when my cans went loose and I still was pissed I could have died.
Sorry to read that


That’s on a complete board, no?

Or are you talking about a separate component

Is that a forum PM? I don’t think we are allow to post it publicly


You’re not supposed to technically

“private” message and that. It’s only allowed if the other party consents, I believe.

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I was unaware of that, my bad.


I suppose if there isn’t sensitive info being released to the public is fine, but consent from all parties are needed. Unless Dex already agreed to it


Of course not. But to lighten the mood. So much drama.


I feel like this is toooooo subjective :man_shrugging: But faaak it @torqueboards I’m posting all your PMs of how you bully me :cry:


Private should stay private unless consent to share is given. Period. In my opinion of course.

Lol it does feel that way. Oh btw, the V7 CHONKY mounts are awesome. Really nice piece of kit


How did the motor fail?

I have no idea, I didn’t even know it did fail until TB just said so. I posted my VESC settings and everybody that replied said they wouldn’t cause it to fail.


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All I will say is it is clear that he favors some customers over others while taking advantage of those he can.



Yeah, I probably would of went above and beyond for you. But due to your interactions, you can see why I don’t.

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