Torqueboard 6380

Getting plans together for a hybrid 2-1 build and I’ve seen a lot of people praise the TB 6374 motors but I haven’t seen much as far as the 6380’s. Anybody had some personal experience with these? Are they better/worse then the 6374s? I’ve got some massive hills in my area so I want something capable of climbing them without overheating like my 5055s do.


I love mine. 12S5P on focboxes geared at 12/44 on 107’s has pulled my fat ass up every hill I’ve pointed the deck at.

That being said…I got mine from the first batch. While in Colorado the magnet retaining ring came off on a ride and I’ve been forced to learn a lot of new things about motors. Specifically how to fix them. Waiting on epoxy to get the retaining ring back in place and harden the motors as well.

I can’t comment about later batches. Maybe Dexter has made changes to how they’re being made.

I would buy again for sure.

Some eye candies

The TB6380 stator on the bottom and the APS6384 stator on the top. Same KV. The TB stator is bigger.


Exactly that last picture…we need more from those real world comparisons :relieved::+1::+1::+1:


size matters.



So here’s the bottom of the APS 6384

Whole lot of wasted space.

Compared to the TB 6380 (left) and and old TB 6374 (right)

The new PCB soldering/wiring scheme is better.


Marginally better performance than the 6374.

A single one took me upto 35mph.

Will overheat at 80A continuous.

6374 overheats at 60A


Awesome! Sounds like the right one I’m looking for then. Bit pricey but seems they will be worth it in the long run. Any idea if running 1 on a 10s5p 10ah will be enough to get me up some hills for a while on just some MBS all terrains? Feel like I should start with one and go to dual when I get some bergmeisters or something

I ran it on a 10 inch tire on a scooter.

It took me a 15° incline at 30 mph.

10s4p ncr18650BD 40A batt current 80A motor current.

Low speed torque sucks, but that’s a problem with the vesc not the motor.


Do you know what cause this? I’ve felt the same on a single drive, even if the logs shows that the full current is being fed into the motor

This overheating issue is due to your SINGLE motor though right? Spreading the work with two motors shouldn’t have a heat issue I assume?

The observer has difficulty tracking the motor at low speeds and lags behind the motor’s position.

The assumption is that with two motors you won’t be feeding each one 80A.


So it’s basically wasting energy by creating the magnetic field at the wrong angle

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Part of the reason why I am trying to develop my own ESC.


Increasing the sensorless ERPM would make it worse tight? since they can’t keep up with the rotor speed? If they were good at tracking the torque would be really good at start, get worse once transition to sensorless and them improve as the rotor speeds up

The BEMF signal gets stronger at higher speeds, which is why tracking improves.

The VESC has serious issues with its sensorless transitions.

Sensored mode also has problems that it shouldn’t have.

Basically motor detection doesn’t find exactly the right parameters.


wish you luck in trying to create an ESC better than VESC :slight_smile:

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Just seeing how the 6380 are holding up? Im considering those or the 6374. What’s your opinion im a skinny guy that likes torque and speed. Currently running dual 6374 Bkb with heat problems at speed

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@torqueboards hey Dex. Are you still shipping or everything delayed due to Covid19? I just put in an order for the 6380s yesterday along with some motor pulleys and wondering if I’m getting them soon or in 2021.

Also. Did you ever get those AT wheel pulleys “straighten out”? I want a level set so my belts would wear evenly

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Tb is gonna Enertion the shit out of you :rofl: