Top tier longboard helmet vs lightweight motorcycle helmet?

Seeing more helmet discussions lately and people linking to high quality (and high cost) full face helmets that go for $300+

I was wondering what the pros/cons are for these VS cheaper light weight motorcycle helmets (~$150)? These helmets are obviously up to spec because they are rated for motorcycles. I’m not dropping specific product links because I don’t know specific brands or anything, but a quick search on amazon will give you plenty of options around the $150 price range with solid reviews

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Better visibility, lighter weight.


Visibility is the big one for me.
Yeah a heavy helmet can be rough.
But not being able to see around you without swinging your head around sucks. Like a lot.


Yeah good point, on a motorcycle I imagine you probably stay looking forwards for the most part since you’re basically on par with a regular vehicle, checking shoulders when changing lanes and stuff, slower motions.

On our boards, we whip our heads around all the time because we have to be hyper aware. I guess you don’t know how heavy a moto helmet is until you wear it for a board ride for an hour in a city haha

Not that I have experience, I just wear a bike helmet right now - not the best protection but better than nothing at all. I will probably just get a regular skate helmet because of the extreme entry price for these official downhill helmets

Annd mirrors.


@ShutterShock @Skunk @taz You guys need to try Nolan Modular helmets.

I rock a N43E Air, best safety gear investment I did since I started training DH. Super wide FOV in sides and down too, integrated Robocop sun visor is perfectly designed to chase air away from your eyes. Comfy.

It’s still heavier than a TSG Pass but it also has motorcycle homologation so I can also use it for rides.

Definitely a bang for the buck!


Hmm interesting. Not a bad price but I can’t seem to find a U.S. source for it. Found another helmet by Nolan but it is 3.48lbs vs the lighter Air one

Bell Super 3R , full face mountain bike helmet

Full face breezy. If it can save me from slamming my head on a rock I should be ok.
FOV is fantastic, fits my goggles/glasses and the breeziness helps here in the desert climatePreformatted text


I have a lot of helmets, for dirt bike, speed bikes, cruisers, half helmet chopper style, Bern open face for skate and snowboard…All mayor brands, lightest models…But non of them can beat the confort of my TSG Pass helmet while riding my Eboard… I find a huge difference within the helmets that are applied to each sport or vehicle in particular…

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Coming from a motorcycle background I’ve had lots of helmets and I usually spend upwards of $600+ for an Aria. Last year I needed a new helmet and I came across a brand that I keep seeing the pro enduro guys using. It’s called Airoh, they make one of the lightest helmets. Aviator 2.2 comes in at 950g, that’s just over 2 pounds.

Anyways I’ve bought two from this site.


Look at the bell full 9. Mountainbike helmet

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Motorcycle helmets are designed in general to muffle road noise, not necessarily a good thing for esk8


+1 on this one. I love mine and it has mips!

For me, the helmet is the most important piece of equipment. Snell preferred or Dot rated is the only helmet I use traveling over 20mph.
Many “as” light options as DH helmets with better protection. I’ve had my bell rang at various speeds in Snell without issue and seen people knocked unconscious from lesser falls in top tier DH headwear. To each their own, my 2cents


Having visually compared motorcycle helmets to DH skate helmets, I tend to agree with you.

I find the urban bike helmets to be about right. Good protection and I like having the partial visor over my eyes. I have both of these:

I am able to wear either with the visor down over wrap style sunglasses.

What about protecting that pretty face ?

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I’m more the rugged handsome type.

I am not.
At the speeds we are doing full face is a must.


I think it is important, for the few times when I have to ride on a sidewalk, to appear as non-threatening as possible. I ride all sorts of places with “no skateboards” signs. No one has ever given me any grief about it. Those damn scooters riding 10-15 mph on the sidewalk are going to get us all banned.

Everything is a trade off. We pay with as much comfort and cash as we are willing to give up for protection. I make my pay with my eyes and my brain. I protect my income while feeling the wind in my face.