Top mount battery quick switch solutions?

I currently run 2 turnigy 6s lipos and a charge only Apex BMS in a pelican case on top of my board.

I have two more batteries and a pelican case that I want to use to make another battery box with. For longer rides I would throw it in a backpack and switch it out with the other pack when needed.

Id like to find a way to mount the battery boxes such that they can be switched easily ( slide and click kind of thing). Latches or whatever.

Velcro or straps are not what I’m looking for haha.


Why not just swap the battery instead of the whole enclosure?

That was the plan at first, but my original enclosure is packed very tightly. The less I have to take things in and out of there and put stress on my connections, the better.


Talk to @cfelzien , he has a really interesting idea about doing something like that. Don’t know if he ever got around to trying it out but maybe a bit of motivation could push him :grin:


I messaged him

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Maybe a solution ?

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I was looking at those. awouldmhave tonget an intermediary in order to get it to the °U.S.

This @Andy87’s build with a modular battery solution is worth checking:

Yeah, I know you specifically said “no velcro”. Still worth looking at for inspiration. It’s pretty neat.

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I’ve been working on a lightweight, easily swappable battery pack for my MTB. Here’s what I have come up with.

It’s low profile and designed to be 3d printed. I have phase wires routed through my deck with the esc under the bottom “dock” portion of the enclosure. Then the top part is the battery case. It slides on the dovetail rails, there is an xt90 male connector on the dock and a female connector on the battery case. Those rectangles on both sides are for neodymium magnets to be glued into. So far, I have only printed the bottom half but should be finishing the top half this week.

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If overion don’t ship to united states i can be an intermediary, but i don’t know if shipping kill the deal or not

i know you said no velcro or straps, but you can do what i have

i made port hole for xt connectors that act as the battery leads for the box so i can disconnect it as a whole wihout going inside
then i ise velcro and tiedown straps to hold it all onto the deck

it’s a simple solution if you wanna keep the pelican cases
(bonus lets you use the ppeli as a way to carry your board depending on which pelican you have)

@Duffman did a very nice modular lipo battery.
Yes also based on velcro but it’s very clean in my opinion.