tomiboi-Esk8 Ratcheting toe-clips are in stock!

Several years ago I picked up a set of Freeboard toe-hooks and they got me thinking about making a more comfortable design that ratcheted down onto the rider’s foot. It would be nice to be able to adjust the toe-hook on the fly, and it could give a better fit. Also, I really like the sound of ratcheting. I find it to be quite fulfilling.

Here we are a hand-full of years later and I finally have the ability to bring this idea to life. Last spring, I got to work modeling the idea in CAD. Then, I printed up several rounds of prototypes and tested them out over the summer with some freinds. The 3D printed models worked surprisingly well and the toe-clips drew a lot of attention, so I looked into having them manufactured.

This is the end result. I had them injection molded from 30/60 fiberglass filled nylon-6. They are extremely sturdy and comfortable as well. I’m excited to see how they work out for different riders.


Production is done, and I have a large batch headed my way from China. They should be here in another month. I’m going to start a pre-sale because it has been requested, and I’d like to see what kind of interest there is. For the presale you can pick up a set of these with mounting hardware, foam pads and hard rubber gaskets (free stickers :raised_hands: :+1:) for $70US plus shipping. After the presale the price will increase to $95. The pre-sale is open until I receive the goods. Here’s a link to the product page. >>>> Ratcheting Toe-clips ( <<<<<< I added a link to a video of me jumping around with the toe-clips below.

I’ll have individual left and right toe-clips available after the pre-sale. Additionally, replacement parts will be available for individual purchase. That way, if a part wears down, it can be replaced for cheap. You won’t have to buy a whole new set. If a part wears down in a reasonable* amount of time, I’ll happily replace it free of charge.

*reasonable schmeasonable, but I’ll probably still replace it for free.


Good work! Super exciting to see you bring this to the market. Could you confirm that the mounting pattern is the same as MBS?

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So, for a normal board I’ll need to drill new holes to mount?


Doesn’t look like it, this is the pattern for F5 bindings

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Yes, you need to drill two holes for each toe-clip. All of the mounting hardware is provided.


:exploding_head: i don’t wanna waIt 999 days :sleepy:


Could you take a video of jumping ON the bindings but not in them? like if you had them on a Summerboard and did a 360 shove it and landed on top of them pushing them down.

The ratchet would seem to make them highly resistant to this vs even the flexible Freebord S2s and very much more than the cheap sbx plastic foot hooks.


Strange request, but I’ll jump on them tomorrow and take quick video.

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Now that is odd. I don’t know what to say about that. I’ll keep a set for you. Maybe the shipping will change in a week or two. You can order them then. I betcha shipping prices will go down after the Holidays anyhow.

After the presale, individual parts will be available. If you do manage to break a part doing a trick, you’ll only have to purchase a part, not an entire new set. I hope that will help with the wear and tear of free-style riding.


how much is shipping to the UK?

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$40 6-10 days by way of the good ol’ US post.

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These look great! I’m excited to try them out! Thank you for all the effort put into this unique design


He’ll yeah, these are sick just ordered a pair


Can these mount to truck screws on a regular longboard or drilling holes is required?

You can use one of the truck mount holes, but at least one hole is required.

No freeboard style adjustment is :frowning:

@tomiboi these look great!! I’ll not be participating in the pre sale, but when the time comes to build an urban carver, I’ll happily pay full price and pick these up. Love the design and agree the ratcheting has a very satisfying sound. Snowboarding asmr kinda. Also glad to hear you’ll be offering parts for repairing. Very cool.


Thank you! And thank you to all of the peeps that have ordered. I truly appreciate it. I really look forward to seeing how they work out for everyone.


I’ll happily buy one pair as well

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