Hi Team,

Unfortunately due to covid, GBWR are unable to send a scrutineer to my WR attempt in setting a new Fastest Electric Skateboards speed prior to Christmas.

Im reaching out here for some technical experience if anyone has some in using time measurement cameras to calculate my fastest speed.

The idea is to have a camera pinging across the runway at my fastest point filming when I enter and then another 20m apart filming my exit. Im wanting to time my entry and exit point to the micro second. This will allow for a person of authority to certify the top speed.

My problem is how this actually works and how the two cameras are synchronised to start recording at exactly the same time, does anyone know of any software and then my second question is how I can record to the micro second. Does anyone know of a way to time/date stamp stamp both cams with a micro second clock or counter ?

I have started to think about reaching out to one of the universities for help but also unable to identify which department would this be of interest to.

Im steering away from a hand held speed camera due to fact, it would need to be calibrated professionally before use and even then a hand held device is still not 100% accurate.

In addition the the two time measurement cameras I will have a backup pair In case something fails on the first pair.

The more I think about scrutineering my own event the more my head hurts.

Thanks for your time,

JLINKO :call_me_hand:


Sounds like @MoeStooge territory


I’d imagine high speed cameras and foam boards with precise increments to measure speed through video


Took the words out of my mouth.

Smartereveryday does it in some of his video’s.


Slowmo guys and Mythbusters for me


@Jezzalinko talk with your local dragstrip,
Or timing association.


I posted this after contacting the the national agency

But good idea about the drag strip mate, cheers

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Some of these departments take forever to respond unfortunately.

If someone has experience in this field, ie physics and knows how this can be facilitated, the synchronising of the cams, a certifiable time and date stamp that captures to the micro second, I’d love to hear from you.


A high speed camera with known FPS and striped background with a known distance between stripes is all you need. I love me some classic mythbusters!



I think even the iPhone slowmo camera will do. It’s 240fps.

So make a background with known sized squares behind you, record, then count frames.

Every frame is 0,004166666666667 seconds, so count how many frames was needed to pass 1 meter for example. And you will have your speed in seconds per meter. Then just do the math upward to kilometers per hour.


That’s the reply im looking for, thank you Joey :call_me_hand:

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It’s basically the same reply as everybody else on the thread :rofl:


screaming title enters the chat





Why not use GPS instead? A lot of vehicle speed records are validated using GPS, so it definitely can be accurate enough. The unit may add some bulk, but also should need less track setup.

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I dont think they will certify a GPS but worth checking as the airport won’t allow the speed measurement wall.
I think my only way to certify a WR is via timed camera or a friendly traffic police officer coupled with a hand held speed gun. Ive approached them this morning and they seem quite interested through a public relations promotion.

If you cant do a wall of foam board, could you do the classic two sticks? Or cones or whatever. Just make sure they are a measured distance apart, and time how long it takes to go between them with a high speed camera. 1000fps should be plenty fast enough and will make the math a little easier. I cant imagine the airport objecting to you putting up a couple cones and a tripod.

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Once Ive completed this, depending on whether I choose to share the progression of how I got to this point, it has the opportunity to open many doors within the industry.
Especially those who wish to attempt the same thing or gain access to federal land for larger scale track work. Ive got the approvals from the required 7 government departments and maybe having a father as a judge helped in this area.
Its taken over 2 years to gain the approvals and if someone followed behind me, all they would have to do is repeat the process I have, and fortunately they could have this done in a matter of months. Just like I said to Fast Boards.

I really appreciate some of the responses on here and thank you for your time, some I dont for obvious reasons.


Your right Drunken Mobster, the two options for certified speed is either witches hats coupled with cameras or a POA with a speed camera. Everything else created either an airside hazard or the set up and break down is to elaborate for the 2 hour windows provided.
Ive reached out to the authorities and the police like the its fully legal and they potentially could create a public relations spin from it, so we will see where that goes. The Australian Measurement Institute has also returned contact saying my request is being discussed in house.
Im going to reach out to one of the universities also and see if they’re interested in the engineering and scrutineering of the event.
I just want to skate ffs :rofl:


Why would you want a runway the siping would be shithouse for the task