Thunder Boards: New Boosted or New Meh?

We discussed this company a little bit in the private lounge but I figured it would be good to start a thread so we can talk about this new development.

Thunder Boards is a company that has just started releasing information about their upcoming product on Instagram and Facebook, which has been met with some mildly founded criticism. Here’s what they just posted on Instagram - here’s a couple more pics. I find it slightly strange how many of them are renders, but I have also seen a couple pictures of the real board scattered around as well.

Here’s some information on their company story, I don’t think I’ve seen an Esk8 company out of India yet, correct me if I am wrong. Good on them, assuming everything is legitimate - as of this time, there isn’t really anything to show that this is not real.

We all know how many times the boosted form factor has been done, but maybe these guys can bring it back with the gusto that Boosted once had? To do that, they’ll need to nail a couple things - destroy the range of the boosted, up the power a bit, and keep the quality.

These are not easy things to do, but I think that the ThunderX MAYBE might just be able to do it. Here’s where it gets interesting, here’s the claimed specs.

I don’t know why companies bother posting the hill climb since no one actually cares - most boards these days can get you up most hills. The most interesting things here to me are that it will be using a VESC based ESC, and the battery pack. We all know how loved the Molicell P42a is, and I think this form factor is a great place for it, assuming you manage the VESC settings correctly.

Automatic belt tension is an interesting concept - I wonder if has some spring design like Hoyt? Who knows, we have yet to see any close-up pictures. Hopefully once the board enters official production (Mid Jan allegedly) we will get to see some more detailed stuff.

Paris V3 trucks are interesting too, I don’t think anyone is using those either

Anyways, what are your thoughts? Overdone? Could this be a winner? To me, it has good base specs but there are a lot of unknowns. Discuss here!

Here’s their website and facebook pages for reference:


atm, it’s lookin like a diy-ish “Boosted” me thinks

not a bad thing tho, but only time will tell how the product performs

but they had a chance to make their board unique

boosted was good cause it stood out, you could tell what was a boosted and what wasn’t, ya electronics weren’t ideal and wasn’t the best in terms of robustness, but it still was a well designed machine.

now in a world of many boosted lookalikes the thunder will just be “another boosted lookalike”

missed opportunity there to stand out


466Wh with a P42A pack means 30 cells, so most likely 10s3p. Interesting choice. For a budget board that’s a good move I guess, but if it ends up costing more than 2k then forget about it


imma guess

$16-1800 not too high but not too low

could be a decent competitor to the bkb boards

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My thoughts as well

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too - I think the company said they were aiming for “just above Chinese budget boards”

To me that would mean 1k, but I doubt it will be less than $1400


inb4 it’s a re-skinned flipsky board

Probably trolling, but it clearly is not lol

It’s either non-existent, or it is what they say it is. What’s the point of reskinning something like that

I know Scott Davies and Mr. Phillips have gotten preproduction models already so it does exist

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just looks eerily similar.

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Hmmm okay I just looked and there is a belt one, I thought they only had a hub version

I guess time will tell once we get to see it outside of renders

At least this one will have a much better battery & v6 vesc

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Inb4 flipshit 6.6+/6.7


There is nothing wrong with Flipsky overall. I hate it when people call it that, it’s so stupid.

The 6.6 has been proven to be decent overall, and the 6.7 has no issues from what I’ve seen so far. He doesn’t really know what he’s talking about



smh not 6.9

I’ve been through 3x FS duals and they’ve all crapped out for one reason or another, but always relating to sub-par build quality.

4.2 or 6.6? Either way, this is off-topic for this thread. The point of this thread is to discuss the new product, not Flipsky speed controllers or quality control.

There are certain people who run flipsky controllers perfectly for thousands, and there are also people who have failures.

However, there are many failures in most of our speed controllers and sometimes it does end up being user error.


all 6.6 or 6.6+

Hard to get excited about another generic me too board.


I’ve actually had good experiences and gotten good stuff from Flipsky.


I know it does feel like that a bit - I too had the same initial thoughts. However, having never owned a boosted and only ridden one a couple times, I feel like it is still a good formula

Wowgo and Backfire have good offerings too, but not the range yet

I am still a fan of flexible decks when done right

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